All fighting posts must be written in the form of a story. Don't worry, they don't have to be long at all, a few paragraphs for a fight scene is good enough, but I encourage the big story posts, too!

Both parties must agree to the battle before beginning it, unless one party is provoked/ it is part of a story/ the attacked is an NPC.

You can't fight when your PP is 0.


To use moves during combat, all you have to do is put the move name with _ _ by it. (Example: "_Kamehameha!_" , then followed by  what your dice roll came up as in parenthesis.

Unless the attack is to move the general story ahead (i.e. the character attacking misses, instead hitting a village nearby, causing the thrower to go SSJ, the character uses ki to start a campfire, etc.) follow the directions below to get your attack's damage. Use only the attacks you have learned. Please get permission from the player to kill off their character, otherwise leave them incapacitated or something.

When you use a move, have a 6-sided die  handy. Roll it to see how the attack comes out. If you get a 1-3, the attack will graze the opponent. 4 will be a direct hit, 5 a CRITICAL hit, and 6 a miss. To calculate how much damage is taken, just use the handy chart:

When a character is grazed, subtract 10 damage from energy attacks, 2 from punches, 3 from kicks.

When a character is hit, use full damage.

When a character is critically hit, add 10 damage to energy attacks, 3 to punches, 4 to kicks.

When a character is missed by/dodges an attack, no damage.

So, if I used a hand blast against, say, a golem with 70 HP, and rolled a 5, I would do 20 damage instead of 10. The golem would have 50 HP left!

Every time you gain 500 PL, the base damage you deal for all of your attacks is increased by five, and the damage you receive from all attacks is also decreased by two. This doesn't apply to your starting PL, so you will receive your first bonus at 1000 PL.


Players/NPCs are incapacitated when their HP reaches 0. They can no longer fight and need to spend 30 real time minutes to regain consciousness.

At -10 HP, a character will die. Characters can be resurrected by powerful healing energies if their corpse is not destroyed, or they can be resurrected with the Dragonballs. After 20 REAL TIME minutes, the corpse of the player will disappear and they must be resurrected with the Dragonballs. Since we don't want people left in the Next Dimension for too long, you can be resurrected with the Dragonballs an unlimited number of times- you'll just have to have a friend find them each time.


Saiyan characters can go Super Saiyan if they are very powerful and are EXTREMELY enraged. Deaths of friends/innocent people or the inability to do anything in an impossible situation are good reasons to go SSJ. You can't go SSJ over a stubbed toe (I wish, I wish, I wish...). This also applies to the Hoshi's Transcendent form.


After a fight is over, your character will gain a certain PL bonus from the fight. This is determined on a person-by-person basis. The longer and more action-packed the fight, the stronger the enemy, and the better the writing, the more PL you will gain.

PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT! Hitting someone every time and taking no damage is not only destructive to the RPG experience, it is unfair and stupid. If I see this type of thing I will kick you out. Unless it is to further a story arc (someone has to die), don't do it. Roll the dice. Be fair.

You may roll attacks for your opponent when writing a long piece. Don't cheat in this case, either. The general rule is that for every attack you use, your opponent also gets one. This balances things out and keeps everything from being extremely spammy. Use your own discretion in these cases.


If you have access to an instant messaging service (we prefer AIM but MSN or another service is fine as long as other players have the same access), you can hold battles over the messaging service like any other combat. Please act ICly in these combats, and precede any OOC announcement by the letters (surprise!) OOC.  Most tournaments will be held like this, so it'd be wise to get an IM service. Most, including AIM, are completely free. Here's some general guidelines for battle:

-You must be on the same planet/location as your opponent. You may not RP space travel of any sort on AIM, as it takes a bit of real time to complete. Ground travel/ flight can be RPed.

-You need to be in agreement for the fight  to start battling.

-There can be no MAJOR changes to plot during the battle. In other words, you can't destroy a planet, summon the dragonballs, or do anything else that would influence the overall plot of the story in an incredible amount during the chat. You can go SSJ or use another transformation for the first time, however. use your own discretion in any other cases.

-One attack per turn. Dice will be rolled and the roll results will be shown in the chat.

-You may choose to run away from combat. To do so successfully, you must roll a die. If the roll is 1-3, you have run away and combat ends with the other player winning. If your roll is 4-6, you failed and your turn is over.

-Combat continues until one person is dead/incapacitated, someone runs, or a truce is reached.

-Results should be posted on the message board. PL, PP, and HP gain will be handed out by a moderator or admin.

-If you make up an AIM fight, you WILL BE KICKED OUT OF THE RPG. Cheating is NOT tolerated.