Don't worry, I don't have many rules to follow. Just don't act like a jerk and you'll be okay. People who become a major problem will be kicked out of DBBG. But really, I'm very lenient.

Normal Rules

1. NO HENTAI (NC-17) MATERIAL! I don't want porn on my pages! The same goes for spam and racist or player-bashing posts. This site is, and will always be, hentai free. If you start doing this, I will kick you out. No questions asked. Kissing is all right, and yaoi content is fine with me. Just NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY.

2. In tournaments, players cannot be killed, only incapacitated, unless there is a predetermined agreement between players.

3. No "holding" the Eternal Dragon. When you have all 7 dragonballs, you must make a wish within two weeks unless you give me a good reason.

4. For all you powerful characters: don't beat up the newbies! Unless you are provoked or have an agreement with the player who you are beating up, just don't do it.

5. Don't mess with other people's characters (i.e. brainwash them or something) without their consent.

6. Thou shalt not kill... without consent. If you need to crack out the Dragonballs 10 times a day to get everyone on their feet again, it just isn't fun. Incapacitate a character instead of killing him/her/it if you aren't sure. If you want to kill an NPC, be my guest.

7. Don't be omnipotent. Please. This will ruin the experience for other players if you raise your power level to 10 billion in the first two days. (What really gets me are those "i take out my big blastr ray and kill everyone" posts. Grrr...)

8. Stay in character while posting. It adds to the experience. Hey, if you make a slip or two or go completely off the wall for some comedy bit, go ahead! I really don't care!

9. Be realistic. A newbie with a PL of 500 can't kill a Level 4 SSJ with a Kamehameha, even if it is charged for a decade.