Thanks to Linda for sending this in.

Vogue (Mar.99)


In New York, MR.CHOW is a favorite for dinner with a large group of friends-the menu has been the same for years and there's a private room available.

SUSHI OF GARI is a hole-in-the-wall on the Upper East Side with authenic Japanese food that's perfect for dinner with my husband.

KELLEY & PING in SoHo is great for a relaxed cafeteria-style lunch of delicious noodle soups after Sunday-afternoon shopping downtown.

CAFE COSTES in Paris is great for lunch on their cozy sofas in a loungelike atmosphere.

Hong Kong's CHINA CLUB has the best dim sum and beautiful colonial Chinese decor.


In New York, I go to RESTAURANT DANIEL when I'm feeling very chic. I'd wear a raspberry Louis Vuitton skirt and jacket for a social lunch. I usually order the venison.

IKENO HANA is a small Japanese restaurant on the Upper East Side. I go with a friend when I don't want to be seen by anyone. I wear a track suit, leggings, and huge black shades with my hair pulled back. I eat the spicy tuna rolls.

In San Francisco, I go to PLUMP JACK CAFE. I'd wear a gray Gucci chinchilla sweater with gray Banana Republic pants. I order the chicken liver mousse bruschetta with a Leonetti Cabernet from Washington State.

In Miami, it's THE TIDES HOTEL. I can get the fruit salad and I can be seen in white pedal pushers, a white Jil Sander shirt-and a tan.

In Hong Kong, I go to the MANDARIN ORIENTAL hotel for English tea sandwiches. You must be very chic to go there: Tai Tai chic with lots of initials or labels. After a two-mile walk on the Peak, I go the PEAK CAFE for chicken congee.

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