Pia Peddles (from Harper's Bazaar, Aug. 1998)

The business card really does read "Pia Getty, Creative Ambassador." But don't think for a second that this is a puff job.

"When a new store opens, I'll be there," promises Getty. So, what is Sephora? "it's fragrance, it's color and it's well-being." And all this comes in a low-pressure selling atmosphere.

"Sometimes I don't want to have to ask for things or be spritzed. At Sephora, you're left alone"" explains Getty, eldest of the three Miller sisters (their father, Robert Miller, built his fortune cofounding the international company DFS, Duty Free Shoppers).

Getty speaks with a charming accent that comes from her global background: She was born in New York City, raised in Hong Kong and schooled in Switzerland, Paris and Washington D.C. Her only other work experience (she's married to Christopher Getty and is the mother of three small children) was at the duty-free shopping boutique in the Los Angeles airport.

Despite her cosmopolitan upbringing, Getty considers herself the most all-American of the three sisters (Marie-Chantal, princess of Greece, is the middle sister and Alexandra Von Furstenberg the youngest). "For Americans, beauty is about good health and looking natural. All of us like makeup, but I like the sporty feeling."

So, four months into her new job, how are things suiting Getty? Sephora, so good.

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