Marie-Chantal of Greece

Her childhood was fit for a princess, with palatial homes in Hong Kong and London, private school in Paris, skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland. The middle of three daughters of duty-free shop magnate Robert W. Miller, Marie-Chantal, 28, was also blessed with fine bones and glimmering blonde tresses. All that was missing was a prince. And she met him at a friend's party in New Orleans in 1993.

"I was stunned with her beauty and personality," says Greece's Crown Prince Pavlos, 29, who married Marie-Chantal before a sea of European royalty in London's Cathedral of Saint Sophia in July 1995.

Valentino, who designed her wedding gown, calls her "a very modern Grace Kelly" with "the same allure, beautiful physique and similar coloring."

But the 5'7" M.C., as she's known to friends, isn't content to rest on her throne. Because Pavlos's father has been in exile since 1967, the newlyweds live in Greenwich, Conn. Pavlos works as a fund manager, while M.C. juggles charity work (she's chairing the New York City Ballet's spring gala later this month) and takes care of 10-month-old Marie-Olympia.

The princess indulges herself with regular manicures but otherwise keeps her beauty routine to a minimum. "A little lip gloss, sometimes mascara and concealer, definitely blush," she says. "With the baby, it's all about comfort. And getting dressed fast in the morning."

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