This page is dedicated to Everyone who has contributed to and encouraged me in building this site.

For totally bombarding my mailbox with numerous pictures and articles (which of course I didn't mind), as well as her encouragement, suggestions in layout and art direction, and for continuing to contribute as much as she does.

For her irresistible offer on the message board, her patience in answering every question asked, and for simply being the reason why the board has garnered nearly 50,000 hits in the time it's been up.

For the numerous pictures and articles she's contributed to this site, as well as pointed out on the Net.

For literally shocking me with all the books and magazines she generously gave me through the mail- my jaw is still open! My apologies for taking so long in putting up your contributions!

For generously contributing plenty of pictures, and articles. My apologies for taking so long in putting up your contributions!

For contributing many pictures and ideas to the site.

For all the encouraging and hilarious emails, her article contribution, and for also writing a very nice message when I was getting pilloried on the Vogue Forum.

For contributing pictures, ideas, and lots of support for this site.

For continually sending me feedback and encouragement, and for also contributing pictures.

For all her supportive emails and advice, as well as for sending me the picture of the gorgeous wedding invitation.

For all the helpful information she sent while I was creating the Getty Genealogy section of the page.

For all the positive and uplifting e-mails she sent, especially when I first put up this site, and contributing pictures.

For all the lovely e-mails she sent, and for teaching herself how to scan just so she could contribute pictures to the site.

For all the e-mails she's sent throughout all the time the site has been up, and for being totally complimentary and encouraging each time.

For all the complimentary and encouraging e-mails she sent.

For all her hilarious e-mails, and linking her page to mine.

For all the wonderful correspondence I've received and for accepting my participation for her own site.

For giving me some good constructive advice for my site, and for continually checking it out.

For each sending me articles and their supportive e-mails.

For all signing on for updates of the site. It was very nice to know that you all appreciated the site enough to sign on for personal updates, and it was great to receive your emails with your kind comments.

For all signing my guestbook. When I first put it up it was nice to know that my site rocked, and everyone who has subsequently signed it has been kind enough to leave sincere and lovley messages to read. Thank you.

For all enthusiastically participating on the board, even if you did so only once, or are a regular on it. It's great to know that all of you really like having it- and Madison- around.

For teaching me how to do mouse rollovers, for being a little bossy brother, and for being his sweet, bouncy enthusiastic self and interrupting me just when I want to concentrate on finishing a page.

For helping me sharpen my graphic design and art direction skills, encouraging me to develop new ideas for the site, for teaching me that it is indeed possible to be loving, endearing and annoying at the same time, and for also interrupting me when I want to finish a page.

For being a wonderful, supportive, and encouraging friend as well as the best prospective mother-in-law a chick could have.

This is embarrassing to write, but since I've deleted some of your emails from my mailbox, there is a possibility that I may have forgotten about some of you who have helped me out! If there is anyone out there who I have neglected to thank, Please Remind Me and I will gladly add you on.

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