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D. Gottlieb's 1975 'Soccer'

"Soccer"/D. Gottlieb & Co., March 1975, 2 players.
Model number: 368
Production run: 2900
Theme: Sports- Soccer
Features: Backbox animation (soccer balls added), 2 Spinners, 3 targets, 3 pop bumpers, ball return gate, 2 kickout holes.
Design: Ed Krynsky
Art: Gordon Morison
Notes: Game also produced in a 4-player version named `Super Soccer'.

(Information from The Internet Pinball Database)

Soccer Flyer

As of 11/16/02 this machine has a new home and happy new owner.

Overall Machine Shot

For now, it is parked in the garage, and as you can see, I need to clean it out.
I have already started tuning it up and have fixed the chimes which 2 of the 3 weren't working, adjusted the flippers, replaced all the plastic posts and roll through guides. I have the parts on order to rebuild the pop bumpers.
I am thinking about repainting the cabinet, but if I do, will wait until this summer after I finish the playfield I'm building for the '300'.


The playfield layout is very similar to the '300'.I knew when I saw pics of this game I'd like the play of it after owning the '300' a while.
The playfield is in pretty good shape- at the time I got it there was only about 52,000 plays on the total play meter, so whoever has had it over the years has taken good care of it.

I found a scrap of paper with some of my high scores that I had made before I sold the game, and it was at 113,260 on 3/16/01.


The Backbox has the same animation feature as the '300', which is one of the main reasons I like this game. It's fun to watch your bonus add up.....
The backglass is also in very good shape with little or no fading....

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