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Pinkid's Pinball Page

Welcome to my Website dedicated to Vintage pinball machines.

Me & my Fast Draw fully restored.

Machines Currently in my Collection.

(For machines previously in my collection, please visit this page:)

1950 Williams 'Dreamy'

I worked out a barter deal with my friend Craig on this game and picked it up on June 11, 2002. This machine will take a bit of time and work to restore. I'm looking forward to seeing how this game plays!
To see more pictures and read more about this machine,

D. Gottlieb's 1975 'Fast Draw'

I worked out a barter deal with my friend Craig and picked up this game on Dec. 26, 2002. (Christmas present to myself!) It had a lot of internal fire damage to the wiring and the cabinet artwork had been painted over, but overall, this game was in good enough condition to make it worthwhile to restore...not to mention it is a fun playing game! I completed the restoration and had the game up and running fully functional on Nov. 5, 2003, after 11 months of work! This pic was taken after the restoration...I still need to do some touch up on the backglass, and will post a new pic when that is done. Even better, I would eventually like to get a new or great condition glass to put in the machine!
To see more pictures and read more about this machine,

Week of 9-8-03: Repainted cabinet to original artwork! To see pics of the new paint job, please visit
Week of 11-3-03: Finished the restoration of the wiring and machine is up and running! Please visit for pics of the wiring restoration and details of getting final bugs out after starting it up!

Links to other pages...

I enjoy working on these machines and have learned quite a bit of these machines on the technical level, along with some help from fellow collectors.

Following is a list of all the machines I have serviced or restored over the last 7 years (listed in order of year made):

*- indicates games that I have worked on more than 1 copy of the game.
+- indicates machines that I either own or have owned at one time.

You can find pictures of most of these games on myPage.

1937 Chicago Coin ‘Home Run’
1950 Williams 'Dreamy'+ (in progress)
1954 Genco 'Basketball'
1954 Williams 'Safari'
1956 United 'Pirate Gun'
1959 Williams 'Crossword'
1959 Williams 'Spot Pool'
1960 Williams 'Deluxe Official Baseball'(Baseball Pitch & Bat Game)
1960 Bally 'Laguna Beach'(Bingo Machine)
1961 Bally 'Can Can'(Bingo Machine)
1961 Chicago Coin ‘Long Range Rifle’ (Rifle target game)
1961 Gottlieb 'Egghead'
1963 Gottlieb 'Slick Chick'
1963 Gottlieb 'Swing Along'
1963 Midway 'Rifle Range' (Rifle target game)
1965 Midway 'Mystery Score' (Pinball/Pitch & Bat Game)
1965 Chicago Coin 'Big League'(Baseball Pitch & Bat Game)
1965 Gottlieb 'Bank A Ball'
1966 Gottlieb 'Crosstown'
1967 Gottlieb 'King of Diamonds'
1967 Williams 'Arctic Gun' (2+)
1968 Chicago Coin 'Carnival Rifle'(Rifle target game)+(2*)
1968 Gottlieb 'Domino'
1969 Williams ‘Phantom’ (Rifle Target Game)
1969 Williams 'Spooks'+(2*)(Rifle target game)
1969 Chicago Coin 'Pro Basketball'
1970 Gottlieb 'Baseball' (2*)
1970 Williams ‘Bonanza’ (Rifle target game)
1971 Chicago Coin ‘Sharp Shooter’ (Rifle target game)
1971 Chicago Coin 'Twin Rifle'
1971 Gottlieb 'Lawman'
1971 Gottlieb 'Playball' (2*)
1973 Bally 'Sky Kings'
1973 Gottlieb 'Pro Football'+
1973 Gottlieb 'Hot Shot'+
1973 Gottlieb 'Sky Jump'
1973 Gottlieb 'High Hand' (2*)
1973 Gottlieb 'Jumping Jack'+(4*)
1973 Gottlieb 'King Pin'
1974 Gottlieb 'Big Indian'+
1974 Midway 'Gangbusters'(Shooting Game)
1974 Williams 'Star Pool'
1974 Williams 'Triple Action'
1975 Bally 'Hi Deal'
1975 Gottlieb 'Pin-Up'+
1975 Gottlieb '300'+
1975 Gottlieb 'Soccer'+
1975 Gottlieb 'Fast Draw'+ (2*)
1975 Gottlieb 'El Dorado'+ (2*)
1975 Williams 'Little Chief'
1975 Williams 'Toledo'+
1976 Chicago Coin 'Sound Stage'
1976 Gottlieb 'Abra Ca Dabra'
1976 Gottlieb 'Royal Flush'
1976 Gottlieb 'Card Whiz'
1976 Gottlieb 'Ship Ahoy'
1976 Gottlieb 'Spin Out'
1976 Gottlieb 'Spirit of '76'
1976 Gottlieb 'Surfer'(2*)
1976 Gottlieb 'Surf Champ'
1976 Gottlieb 'Target Alpha'
1977 Gottlieb 'Jacks Open'
1977 Gottlieb 'Bronco'
1977 Gottlieb 'Centigrade 37'+
1977 Williams 'Argosy'
1977 Williams 'Liberty Bell'
1978 Gottlieb ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (EM version)

If any one has any technical problems with their machine (electro- mechanical only), e-mail me and I'll try to help any way I can. I also do EM Pinball repair.

I live in the Central Valley in Calif.

Here's my contact info:

Due to the demands on my time, I can't guarantee an immediate response to your Questions, but I'll do my best! It is best to try to call me at the number on my business card above.

These are my rates as of January 1st, 2015: Labor: $35.00 per hour + cost of parts & shipping (if any).
Gas/Travel charge: $.505 per mile, round trip.
If you have any questions, please call me.

This Website created on January 18, 2000

Last Update: July, 2015.

Main Page updated 7-28-2015.

I sold the Williams "Grand Slam" about a year ago.

All Pages Updated and checked December, 2008. If you come across a link that is no longer working or any other problems, please drop me an email.

Please check back regularly, I'll be adding to this website occasionally...I will post dates of updates here on the main page.

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