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D. Gottlieb's 1975 '300'

"300"/D. Gottlieb & Co., August 1975, 4 players.
Model number: 388
Production run: 7925
Theme: Sports- Bowling
Features: Backbox animation (bowling balls added), Spinner, 4 targets, 2 pop bumpers, ball return gate, 2 kickout holes.
Design: Ed Krynsky
Art: Gordon Morison
Notes: Game also produced in a 2-player version named `Top Score'.

(Information from The Internet Pinball Database)

Here is a Scan of the Advertising Flyer.

'300' Playfield

Comments on the playing action of the 300.

Tips for a high score: rack up as much of the bonus balls in the head (by hitting targets or rollovers that are lit) and empty it by getting your ball into the top left kickout hole. This last part is VERY difficult to do!

On a 5 ball game, bonus points are 1,000 per bonus ball except for ball 5, they are 2,000 points per ball. On a 3 ball game, on ball 1, they are 1,000 points per ball, 2,000 points on ball 2 and 3,000 points on ball 3.

The Special (which is a replay credit) is very difficult to get even with it set to liberal. The special target is turned on by the rollover star at the top of the playfield (when it is lit). The special target is the top right bullseye or star target. The hard part is hitting it while it is lit, as hitting any other target, going through a rollover lane or going through the spinner or landing in either of the kickout holes before the target is hit, turns off the special!!

As to the playing action, it is very good, but (I may be biased because I grew up with it) I think the play action on the 'Big Indian' is more fun.

My all- time high score so far is 138,950 on 8/5/00.

Restoring the Backglass- Before

I have not been able to find a replacement backglass for my machine. The person I bought the machine from had 2 poor glasses, both of which he gave me and both of which had different areas peeled away. I had the idea to scan (in sections) both glasses with my color scanner, and try to digitally reconstruct the artwork and the light mask (the white or silver coating on the back of the glass) and see if I can make a translight at a local printshop from the image file.

Here you can see a reduced size scan (20%) of the better of the two glasses before I did any touch up work.

Restoring the Backglass- After

And here is a reduced size (20%) of the completed digital restoration.

I wish to acknowledge people who helped me in various ways on this machine:
Dan Kramer- Parts and Technical help.
Pinball Resource- Parts and paperwork.
Pete McDonald- Paperwork and technical help.
Alan Van Nevel- Selling me the machine and paperwork.

Visit to see my new project and other work I'm doing on this machine.