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Jumping Jack Restoration- Page 1

This page documents the restoration of the Jumping Jack.

Week of 6-3-01 .
Pulled all playfield posts and plastics and mylar off of surface of playfield.

6-10-01 .
Took the metal plate off of front panel of body. Found Strike plate had been drilled through and 1/2" hole drilled in wood near door.

Cleaned and checked Chime unit and free game knocker.

Ordered new pop bumper parts, new strike plate, new locks, new red start button, new rubber ring kit from Pinball Resource.

Cleaned and checked K,L, M, N relays, pulled all light bulbs from head and replaced w/ used Type 47 bulbs.

Started work on Main Motor Board:
Replaced main power cord, cleaned and checked D, C, J, I, F, E, U P, O Relay bank.

Cleaned and checked 2nd Chute relay, S, T, H, R Relay bank, SB1, SB2, XB, QB, ZB, PB, LB Relay bank, and cleaned plunger and coil sleeve of bank reset coil to previous bank.

Recieved ordered parts.

Recieved original Flyer and Instruction Manual I had ordered from Scott Phillips (S & S Pins).

Restoring the playfield

Well, I am working a full time job now, so I haven't had time to work on the game as much or accurately document my work on it, but I have completed the main board restoration, have 4 score reels left to do in the head, and misc. things left on the playfield.

I sanded and puttied in the playfield and with the help of my wife, did the major job of completely repainting the playfield. Here's a shot of the upper playfield before and after touchups, and after fully reassembling playfield.

Overall view before touch up.

Here is an overall view before and after touch up.

Cabinet Repainted

Links back to other pages...scroll to bottom for new shot of machine with cabinet repainted and touch-up in progress and after restoration shot of lower playfield.