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Outline of Paranormal Experience

Randell Van Alst

Outline of Paranormal Experience: (As of January 2010) Research based on Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Investigations are Spiritually founded; not scientifically based. A lifetime of Paranormal experiences. (Ghosts / Hauntings / Spiritual experiences) Seven Books written: Three Published to date. 11 Personal near-death experiences Over 3,000 death bed interviews of men, women and children, with over 785 dying in author’s presence. Countless out-of-body and spiritual experiences. Well over 2,000 writings completed on all phases on the Afterlife. 2185 Spirit Investigations Completed. 322 Property Cleansings Performed. (100% Successful) Researcher of “Spirit Time” Research. Witness to over 350 Exorcisms. Assisted in over 175 Exorcisms. Performed 32 Individual Exorcisms to date. (100% Successful) Countless Spiritual and after-death Counseling to help those deal with death, The Holy Spirit, and the afterlife.