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Hello, and welcome to“Van Alst Spirit Investigations” website.

What makes Van Alst Spirit Investigations different than other Ghost hunting organizations?

1. VSI is “Spiritually” based while other Ghost Hunting Organizations are mostly “scientifically” based.

V.S.I knows that anything of the “Spirit” cannot be “authenticated” by man. Though science has come a long way, the methods of science cannot “prove,” or “disprove,” the existence of occurrences of the Spiritual realm. Can science prove the existence of God? No. Can science authenticate the resurrection of the Son of Man? No. For the same reasons, science cannot validate things of the Spirit, including that of ghosts. All science can explain what is of the flesh. Where science ends, is where “ghosts” only begin, therefore, after over a century of scientific research, ghosts, and other things of the spirit remain, “unexplained.”

2. Purpose of Investigations

As science teaches, the objective of a ghost investigation is to “disprove” each “individual” spiritual incident as a “natural” or man-made event. Many times, this is true. Strange sounds can be anything from old houses settling, to mice or insects. Strange lights can be the cause of a simple “unnoticed” reflection. Many times, what is believed to be a ‘haunting,” is nothing more than one’s overactive imagination. V.S.I. does not investigate to “disprove,” but to bring understanding and spiritual peace to those who are in need.

3. A “Fundamental” Belief

Jesus spoke to his disciples, “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) I do not charge for my time, Advice, or investigations, however, many others do. Go to “FAQ” page for more information. Because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the relationship between our Heavenly Father and His creations has been restored. That of the Spirit is always “one-on-one.”


Van Alst Spirit Investigations is based on the writings as stated in God's Word. Even science teaches us, to understand, one must go to the “source.” With understanding one’s health you see your “physician.” Understanding your legal rights, you see an Attorney. When seeking things concerning that of the Spirit, you seek understanding of that which “created” it.

Ghosts, hauntings, and the Afterlife occur only “after” the flesh ends. The physical body and mind are of no consequence. Ask yourself this… Can a ghost be contained and dissected in a laboratory for scientific research? Of course not. The WORD speaks about the afterlife, ghosts, and what happens after the flesh had ended. This understanding can only be given from above. From unclean spirits, to the casting out of devils, THE WORD, along with individual prayer and meditation, gives us understanding.

Job 32:8: “ But, there is a Spirit within man: and the Inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”

This site is unlike any other “paranormal” or Ghost website on the Internet! If your looking for a website full of jumping “ghosts”, “grim reapers, “skeletons” or other graphical effects dealing with “death” for nothing more than one’s “entertainment,” then you’ve come to the “wrong” website. VSI is not here to “entertain” you.

But, if you are looking for “real” answers about ghosts, the afterlife, as well as “the Truth” in reference to the hauntings of the Spirit world, feel free to use our website. If you have a question, or, if you are in need of our assistance, please go to our “Help” page. Also, check out our new forum. Feel free to discuss your beliefs and experiences about the unexplained with us.

Each web page has a full definition of its purpose. Also, check out the “Meet the Team” page. Let us introduce ourselves! Please read the VSI rules:

The Rules of the Van Alst Spirit Investigation Website

Forum: · Please do not use “foul” language in postings. · Respect other’s beliefs. Please do not offend, or use offensive remarks to others. ·

We are all friends here. Feel free to speak openly. · If a problem arises, notify the founder at at once. · All improper posts will be deleted as soon as Founder or Administrator is made aware of the posts. · Posts using foul language as well as improper and offensive postings will be in danger of becoming “banned” from the website. V.S.I. does not accept, nor tolerate these actions.

Website: · The V.S.I. website is at your service. · All material is protected under copyright. Please do not use any material without written consent from the Founder. · If you have any questions or concerns, you can email the Founder on the website’s “Home” Page.

Members: · All members of the Van Alst Spirit Investigations website are expected to follow all rules of the website. · Members are here to work together. · Registration is always free. Sign up today!

V.S.I. Investigation Team Members:

V.S.I. is always looking for investigative team members to help in the research of Ghosts and Hauntings throughout the country, as well as the world.

Start a V.S.I. Investigation team today! · All Investigation members must go through a “ghost investigation” course through V.S.I. · V.S.I. members represent Van Alst Spirit Investigations team, therefore, must act professionally at all times during spirit investigations. · V.S.I. team members must supply their own equipment. (Ask the founder for required ghost hunting equipment) It doesn’t take that much. Chances are, you have what you need around your house! · All V.S.I. Investigation rules must be followed. · The founder can use all material discovered on V.S.I. Investigations in upcoming books. · Team members will receive full credit for their discoveries as well as accomplishments in V.S.I. spirit investigations in writing. · Team members can email the Founder directly if help is needed on any part of an investigation. · Team Members are responsible for their own actions.

These rules are set to ensure the safety and respect for all involved in the VSI website, VSI Spirit Investigations, as well as those in the research of the paranormal. If you have any questions, please email the Founder. (

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I would like to give a special mention to Jeanette for designing the VSI website, and for all her hard work.

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