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A Note About Atlantic Salmon Fly Patterns

Modern day Atlantic Salmon flies have evolved into simpler hairwing and reduced patterns that have proven very successful in catching fish. The older, Classic Versions, fully dressed, require various colored feathers of large or exotic birds, blended together to make the wing. Some of these materials can be expensive, hard to find, and in many cases even outlawed where the feathers are from birds on endangered species lists. There are many tiers, however, that still tie the classic flies, and it is truly an art. Substitutes have been found for exotic feathers once used long ago. For this reason I have included both the Classic Feather Wing and the Hairwing Version on several of the flies you will see here, and many hairwing and reduced patterns that are also successfully fished. Most of the Classic flies are tied by our contributing fly tyers and we invite any other tyers that are interested to become contributors and share their work. See how to become a member of the  Contributing Fly Tyer Series.

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Flies for Fishing

Shrimp and Prawn Patterns

Click on the Thumbnail For the Pattern

Apache Shrimp Yer Man Wilkinson Shrimp(Dark) Wilkinson Shrimp(Light) Octopus Shrimp Purple and Gold Shrimp Ballina Grey Shrimp General Practitioner Ally's Shrimp Yellow & Silver Shrimp Tippet Badger Shrimp Juner Shrimp Badger & Orange Shrimp Faughan Shrimp White Shrimp Chartreuse Carron

Scott Howell Flies

Tippet Shrimp (Hunter's)Codagh Carran-HywellStevie's Shrimp (Variant)Tube Tippet ShrimpMadFlash Tube Shrimp

You can see more of the late Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell

Petru Dimas Flies 

Red & Green Hot Chili Pepper ShrimpThe Autumn ShrimpThe Night & Day ShrimpThe Mysterious Evening ShrimpThe White & Black Shrimp

See more of the flies of Petru Dimas at The Flies of Petru Dimas.

Ross Macdonald Flies

Mairi's ShrimpSilver Wilkinson ShrimpGold Cascade

See more of the flies of Ross Macdonald at The Flies of Ross Macdonald.

Mark Willigar Flies

Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

See many more of the flies of Mark Willigar at Tying Flies to Catch Fish First.

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