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When searching through these patterns remember to follow the old adage "Bright day, bright fly; dark day, dark fly." Since most summer steelheading is done in times of low light, dark patterns like the Green Butt Skunk, and Freight Train are good. Other popular flies for summer are the Purple Peril, Streetwalker, and the Skykomish Sunrise. Choose more subdued flies for lower, clearer water. As early fall approaches and rivers are getting murky due to a rain, large bright flies such as the Marabou flies, might be a good choice. Good Winter Steelhead patterns are flies like the Bunny Leeches, Marabou Flies and Egg Sucking Leeches, patterns with Flash and/or Silver added, Egg Patterns, and Patterns with Reds, Oranges, Yellows, and Bright Purples. If all else fails, go back to the basic blacks and whites. Steelhead will often nail a black bunny leech, marabou leech, or wooly bugger, when nothing else will work. Take a look at some of the traditional patterns, and don't rule Atlantic Salmon Flies. They are often deadly on Steelhead.

The Kilchis Green Chum Salmon SlammerKilchis Killer White Wiggle Tail Irish Spirit Variant Squamish Poacher Edgy Poacher Horner's Shrimp The Spanker Marabou Candlefish Cutthroat/Coho Spider Morrison's Secret Black Jack Copper Shrimp Variant Bjorn's Super Prawn Alaska Candlefish Orange Wiggle Tail Silver Flash  PS Legolas Parakeet

RoxieRoxie Chartreuse Spider Web Purple Parakeet, Eyed Chartreuse Parakeet, Eyed Frank's Fly Pink Lady Over-Under Black and Blue Marabou Variant Red and Black Parakeet Dark Pink Spanker

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These flies are pictured here to help choose them by sight. They may not, however be an all-inclusive listing of the flies on this Salmonfly.Net. For a complete listing, see the
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