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Paul SmithIt's been awhile since we have had a contributor of Pacific Salmon flies, so the flies of Paul Smith are a welcome addition, especially since his flies have proved their worth many times over. You will see that his flies are innovative and extremely effective after you have given them a try. I have. Paul has developed several fly series that will be presented in the coming weeks. He also sells them under the name of River King Flies. If you are interested in purchasing any you can contact Paul at Please read on to hear what Paul says about himself and his tying and don't forget to look at his flies.

I was born in California and have lived here my whole life. I grew up fishing and started when I was about 6-7 yrs. old. My dad passed away when I was very young and my best friends folks took me with them camping and fishing every time they went, which was a lot. I also fished years on the San Joaquin River Delta; I lived in Stockton right in the middle of the delta.

In 1970 I started fishing in bass tournaments I used to pour all my own jigs and made spinnerbaits for years, that's where the spinnerbait comes from in my email address. My brother had given me a fly tying kit and I started tying a few bass flies but never got really deep into it. In 1991 I sustained a severe back injury on my job and my whole life changed, no more fishing no more anything. I've had 6 back surgeries and have a morphine pump implanted to help with the pain.

My son who is his father's son and loves fishing as much as I do was working in Alaska as a hunting and fishing guide (12 yrs.) I was back tying flies by this time to keep me from going crazy. Four years ago I was able to do some fishing once again and my son took me on a trip to Alaska on a trip of a lifetime, we made a float trip down Clear Creek and caught King salmon, grayling and rainbows. I had been tying salmon flies for some time and started coming up with some of my own patterns; I had been working on a fly but couldn't get just what I wanted. I have a Koi pond in my back yard and kept making adjustments until I was happy with the motion and action but it was a no name fly until 3 yrs. ago. My son had a son and named him Christopher River, so my fly which was a King salmon fly became the Christopher River King, it comes in 12 color combinations all which have caught fish, it works great on Silvers also. I have several other flies in the River series of flies and I hope many people will get a chance to try and enjoy them.

Thank you

Paul Smith

The Flies

Christopher River King Series

Chartreuse/Purple Purple/Hot Pink Orange Red Hot Pink BlackWhiteChartreuseChartreuse/Hot Pink

River Bunny Series

Chartreuse Hot Pink Purple Black

River Zonker Series

Hot Pink Chartreuse Purple Black White

River Coho Killer Series

Black/ChartreuseHot Pink Purple Chartreuse

River Leech Series

Purple Black Chartreuse Hot Pink

River Up-Chuck Leech Series

River Up-Chuck Leech, Pink River Up-Chuck Leech, Chartreuse River Up-Chuck Leech, Black River Up-Chuck Leech, Purple

River Chum Killer Series

River Chum Killer, White River Chum Killer, Pink River Chum Killer, Chartreuse River Chum Killer, Black

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