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Christopher River King, Black/Chartreuse
Originated and Tied By Paul Smith

Christopher River King, Black/Chartreuse

Name Christopher River King
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Daiichi #2220, Size 1 to 2/0
Weighted .025 Lead, 25 Turns
Stinger Hook Octopus Style Egg Hook #4; 30 # Mono- Krystal Egg
Thread Flymaster Plus ? Color to Match
Tail Bottom- Krystal Flash; Top- Rabbit Strip
Body Back- Marabou Plume, Palmered; Front ? Cross-Cut Rabbit Strip
ThroatFlashabou ? Color to Match
Head Hot Glue Egg

Christopher River King was originated and tied by Contributing Fly Tyer, Paul Smith. Paul reports that this is his fly of choice when fishing for Pacific Salmon. On a recent trip to Alaska he averaged about a dozen Silvers per day on this fly, using every color except black and purple. He has had success with those colors with King Salmon. For information about tying Stingers, see the article by Don Johnson, The Art of Articulation: Simplified Stingers.

You can see more of the flies tied by Paul Smith and many of his own designs at The Flies of Paul Smith..

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