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River Coho Killer, Chartreuse
Originated and Tied By Paul Smith

River Coho Killer, Chartreuse

Name River Coho Killer
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Gamakatsu Bios, Size 1/0, Weighted with .025 Lead, 10-15 Turns
Tail Krystal Flash, Bottom; Marabou Top, Color to Match
Body Silver Tinsel Chenille
WingRabbit Zonker Strip - Color to Match
Head Hot Glue Egg

River Coho Killer was originated and tied by Contributing Fly Tyer, Paul Smith. You can see more of the flies in this series and many more of Paul's Flies at, The Flies of Paul Smith.

Paul Smith Notes: "I thought I might relate to you and your readers why I tie my Alaskan patterns in at least 4 colors. People who have not been to Alaska might not know that all the rivers and streams aren't crystal clear . The glacier rivers have a lot of silt and the purple and black work much better, they seem to silhouette in the stained water. The hot pink, chartreuse and even purple are much better in clear water." Paul, the same is true of many of our Northwest rivers.

You can see more flies in the River Bunny Series and more flies designed and tied by Paul Smith at The Flies of Paul Smith..