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Hope, Chris x 28-Jan-05 1 card Gift Chris Hope
Searcy, LeonLeon Searcy x 28-Jan-05 1 card Gift
Simmons, Kendall x 10-Feb-05 Poster
(I scanned the autographed portion)
Gift kendall-poster_45027.jpeg (52802 bytes)
Doyle, TedTed Doyle 06-Feb-05 15-Feb-05 2 I/C's Home
Kirkland, LevonKIRKLAND.JPG (25528 bytes) x 17-Feb-05 1 card Gift
Mills, Ernie x 17-Feb-05 1 card Gift Ernie Mills
Von Oelhoffen,KimoKIMOVON.JPG (151520 bytes) x 17-Feb-05 8x10 color photo Gift
Andabaker, Rudy x 17-Feb-05 Three 8x10 color photos Gift Rudy Andabaker
Layne, Bobby x 17-Feb-05 Signed I/C Gift Bobby Layne
Hickey, RedHoward "Red" Hickey 08-Feb-05 19-Feb-05 2 I/C's Home
Royals, MarkMark Royals 01-Mar-05 11-Mar-05 2 cards Home
Sandig, Curt 07-Mar-05 14-Mar-05

3 I/C's

Home Curt Sandig
Jansante, ValVal Jansante 07-Mar-05 16-Mar-05 2 I/C's Home
Brown, Tom M.TOMBROWN.JPG (33071 bytes) 07-Mar-05 16-Mar-05 3 I/C's Home
Kondrla, John 07-Mar-05 18-Mar-05 2 I/C's Home John Kondrla
Shelton, Richard 01-Mar-05 20-Apr-05

  1 card &

Home Richard Shelton
Meeks, BryantBryant Meeks 01-Apr-05 20-Apr-05      2 I/C's
    & 1947
Ricketts, TomTom Ricketts 01-Apr-05 20-Apr-05     1 card Home
Woudenberg, John 06-Apr-05 23-Apr-05     3 I/C's
     & 49er
Home John Woudenberg
Hubka, Gene 01-Apr-05 24-Apr-05    2 I/C's
   2 news
  1 media
Home Gene Hubka
Kohrs, BobBobKohrs.jpg (15880 bytes) 01-Apr-05 24-Apr-05

   1 card

Alberghini, Tom 01-Apr-05 24-Apr-05    2 I/C's
  you note
Home Tom Alberghini
Cregar, BillBill Cregar 01-Apr-05 25-Apr-05    2 I/C's Home
Miller, Heath x 14-May-05 1 card Show
Sapp, Theron x 25-May-05 1 I/C Gift
Duff, Vontez x 25-May-05 1 I/C Gift Vontez Duff
Papach, George 27-Apr-05 25-May-05 2 I/C's Home George Papach
Allen, LouLou Allen 07-May-05 27-May-05 2 I/C's Home
Looney, Don 17-Jun-05 25-Jun-05 2 I/C's Home Don Looney
Miller, Heath 17-Jun-05 02-Jul-05  1 card Home Heath Miller
Swann, Lynn 01-Apr-05 02-Jul-05  1 I/C Buss. Lynn Swann
Cherundolo, ChuckChuck Cherundolo 21-Jun-05 05-Jul-05 2 I/C's Home
Odelli, Mel 01-Jul-05 08-Jul-05 2 I/C's Home Mel Odelli
Pense, Leon 01-Jul-05 15-Jul-05 2 I/C's & letter Home Leon Pense
Thompson, Weegie 01-Apr-05 21-Jul-05 3 I/C's Home Weegie Thompson
Wiley, JackJack Wiley 01-July-05 23-Jul-05 2 I/C's & letter Home
Bonelli, Ernie  12-July-05 25-July-05 2 I/C's & photo Home Ernie Bonelli
Kurrasch, Roy 01-July-05 30-July-05 2 I/C's Home Roy Kurrasch
Agajanian, BenBen Agajanian.jpg (147355 bytes) 08-Aug-05 18-Aug-05 2 I/C's Home
Tomlinson, DickDick Tomlinson.jpg (141655 bytes) 08-Aug-05 18-Aug-05 2 I/C's & note Home
Samuel, Don 03-Sep-05 19-Sep-05 2 I/C's & note Home Don Samuel
Trout, David 19-Aug-05 16-Sep-05 1 card Home David Trout
Pollard, FrankFrank Pollard x 19-Sep-05 1 card Gift
Herron, Noah 13-Sep-05 14-Nov-05

  4x6 glossy photo

Noah Herron
Hoke, Chris 21-Sep-05 14-Nov-05 2 - 4x6 glossy photos Chris Hoke
Simmons, KendallKendall Simmons 01-Nov-04 11-Jan-06 1 card Team C/O Steelers
Mathis, TeranceTerance Mathis 02-Jul-04 20-Jan-06 1 card Team C/O Steelers
Perry, Darren 03-Apr-03 21-Feb-06 2 cards Team C/O SteelersDarren Perry
Steed, JoelJoel Steed x 26-Mar-06 1 card Gift
Ladygo, Pete 26-Mar-06 01-Apr-06 2 I/C's & note Home Pete Ladygo
Hipps, Claude 26-Mar-06 01-Apr-06 2 I/C's & note Home Claude Hipps
Brandt, Jim "Popcorn" 26-Mar-06 01-Apr-06 2 I/C's & photo Home Jim Brandt
Calvin, TomTom Calvin 26-Mar-06 03-Apr-06 2 I/C's Home
Ortmann, Chuck 26-Mar-06 03-Apr-06 2 I/C's Home Chuck Ortmann
Kissell, Ed 26-Mar-06 08-Apr-06 2 I/C's Home Ed Kissell
Carter, RodneyRodney Carter 15-Apr-06 21-Apr-06 1 card Home
Greene, Joe 12-Nov-05 18-May-06 1 card Team Joe Greene
Barker, Ed 13-May-06 18-May-06 2 I/C's & note Home John Alderton.jpg (154454 bytes)
Alderton, John 13-May-06 19-May-06 2 I/C's Home John Alderton
Bolkovac, NickNick Bolkovac 13-May-06 19-May-06 1 I/C 
(signed, sort of..)
Fullerton, EdEd Fullerton 13-May-06 19-May-06 2 I/C's Home
Kriewaldt, ClintClintKriewaldt1.jpg (177920 bytes) 13-May-06 02-Jun-06 2 cards C/O Steelers
Tepe, Lou 13-May-06 06-Jun-06 2 I/C's & business card Home Lou Tepe.jpg (166337 bytes)
Gibson, FredFred Gibson x 21-Jun-06 1 card Show
Herron, NoahNoah Herron x 21-Jun-06 1 card Show
McFadden, Marv 25-May-06 24-Jun-05 2 I/C's Home Marv McFadden
Zoppetti, FrankFrank Zoppetti 03-Jun-06 26-Jun-06 2 I/C's Home Robinson Crusoe Old Timer record -
385 days!
DeCarlo, Art 26-Jun-06 01-Jul-06 2 I/C's Home Art DeCarlo
Brundage, Dewey 01-Jul-06 10-Jul-06 2 I/C's Home Dewey Brundage
Townsend, Deshea 13-Sep-05 11-Jul-06

  4x6    glossy 

C/O Steelers DesheaTownsend
Jones, George 25-Jun-06 21-Jul-06 2 cards Home
Held, PaulPaul Held 03-Jul-06 24-Jul-06 2 I/C's Home
Brown, J.B. 17-Jul-06 26-Jul-06 1 card Home
Lea, Paul 17-Jul-06 26-Jul-06 1 I/C & 1  letter Home Paul Lea
McKyer, Tim 17-Jul-06 27-Jul-06 1 card Home
Marchibroda, Ted 17-Jul-06 01-Aug-06 1 card Home Ted Marchibroda
Johnson, BillBill Johnson 17-Jul-06 23-Aug-06 2 I/C's Home
Bernet, Ed 26-Aug-06 02-Sep-06 2 I/C's Home Ed Bernet
Cameron, Paul 26-Aug-06 02-Sep-06 1 I/C Home Paul Cameron
Murley, DickDick Murley 26-Aug-06 14-Sep-06 2 I/C's Home
Shepard, CharlieCharlie Shepard 26-Aug-06 14-Sep-06 2 I/C's Home
Cenci, John 26-Aug-06 15-Sep-06 2 I/C's Home John Cenci.jpg (163782 bytes)
Lake, Carnell 05-Jul-01 15-Sep-06 2 cards C/O Ravens Carnell Lake 06
Eaton, VicVic Eaton 03-Sep-06 22-Sep-06 2 I/C's & news article Home
Davis, ArtArt Davis 07-Sep-06 22-Sep-06 2 I/C's & signed B&W Home
Glatz, Fred 07-Sep-06 23-Sep-06 2 I/C's Home Fred Glatz
Baldacci, Lou 07-Sep-06 29-Oct-06 2 I/C's Home Lou Baldacci
Morey, SeanSean Morey 01-Mar-06 31-Oct-06 2 I/C's & note Team
Kolb, JonJon Kolb 02-Feb-05 04-Nov-06 2 cards Home Robinson Crusoe Award 
640 days!
Holmes, Santonio x 14-Nov-06 1 card Gift Santonio Holmes
Howe, Garry 28-May-06 22-Nov-06 1 card Home Garry Howe
Adams, MikeMike Adams 01-Aug-06 29-Nov-06 1 card Home
Hampton, Casey x 01-Dec-06 Football Earl Casey Hampton
Lipscomb, Gene "Big Daddy" x 12-Dec-06 Paper Ross Eugene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb
Smith, AaronAaron Smith x 31-Dec-06 8x10 Earl