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Panaramic view of Pittsburgh from inside of PNC Park! 
Imagine being able to choose any place in the world to live. You want to live in a place where the leaves explode with color in autumn and the snowfall is reasonable in the winter. You want to live near the water but you would also like to live close to the mountains. The place that you choose must have people who are helpful and friendly, but it must also have a population that is distinctly diverse in religion and ethnicity. Your city of choice must have an industry that is as varied as its population; it must offer a wide range of achievable occupations in such fields as scientific research, international banking, computer technology, and business management. Manufacturing and production of various consumer goods would also be very important.

You love sports so this place must have beautiful parks and golf courses for recreation and professional sports teams with a long-standing tradition. Culture, museums, and the Arts are also essential. Education is important, so this area must have some of the most upstanding schools and prestigious colleges in the nation. The water and the air must be clean and the neighborhoods safe. The people who live around you should be some of the hardest working yet most fun-loving folks that you have ever been around. The neighbors that you have must possess the traditions and values that you and your family grew up with. Your new home could be Pittsburgh!

A 21-year-old surveyor from the state of Virginia selected the site where Pittsburgh sits today. He thought that the area where the Monongahela and the Allegheny rivers converge to become the Ohio River (the "Point") would be the perfect place for a new settlement. His name: George Washington.

I was born in McKees Rocks, just downriver from the city of Pittsburgh. Most of my family live in the Pittsburgh area, and those who donít return to visit quite frequently. Pittsburgh was aptly named the "City of Champions" in the Ď70ís because of its teams' four Super Bowls (IX, X, XIII & XIV), two World Series (1971 & 1979), and one college football National Championship (1976). The Penguins would win back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships 12 years later. This is the city where Babe Ruth hit his final home run, Franco Harris caught the Immaculate Reception, and Roberto Clemente smashed his 3,000th, and final, hit.

If you have never been to Pittsburgh, or maybe havenít been there in the last ten years, you will be pleasantly surprised. It is has earned its new title as "The Renaissance City," cleaning its air and water, reinvesting in its economic future, rebuilding its businesses, and becoming a beautiful place to raise a family. Give it a try; it may be the only place in the world that you would want to live!

Another tremendous site to get a true feel for one the greatest city's in the United States! Check out Pittsburgh!

Almost everyone is intrigued by a Mystery!
What if this mystery involved: Pittsburgh, a B-25 bomber & the Monongahela River? Investigate and enjoy:
One of Pittsburgh's Historic Mysteries!

Click on each picture for a larger view!

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh ____________

Forbes Field

Forbes Field _____________

     Three Rivers Stadium    

Three Rivers Stadium _______________

PNC Park

PNC Park

The "Igloo"

Mellon Arena
 Rangers vs. Penguins, 1/5/02


     Duquesne Incline     

The Duquesne Incline

Heinz Field

Heinz Field


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Pittsburgh Firsts!


Amy2burg.jpg (39450 bytes)

 Pittsburgh from MT Washington!


What is the weather doing  in Pittsburgh right??  
Click on the picture to find out!!

Pieces of Pittsburgh, PA - June 2006       Matt Robinson

IPB Image

Lightning over Pittsburgh, PA - June 19, 2006       Matt Robinson