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The Steeler Chief's Black & Gold Autograph Locker Room  


Welcome! I mostly collect Pittsburgh Steeler, Pirate, Penguin, ABA Condor, & USFL Mauler autographs, but I do collect other football, baseball, basketball, & hockey stars as well!  Please check out my photos and other information about Pittsburgh! Thank you for choosing the site of one of the most "Die-Hard" Pittsburgh fans you will ever come in contact with!   People like myself "bleed" Black & Gold!



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Early January 2008!  Happy New Year!  Sorry I have not updated...  I could give you a million excuses... bottom line was my computer would not allow me to updates But, my main man Marty fixed me and now here I am.  Admit it or not, this COULD be the last time many Super Bowl XL Steelers appear at Heinz Field as a Steeler.  Too many to list & too sad a notion to publish here, besides you know who they are!  But, I am convinced this is not the last game of our season (a former Steeler told me that) so I am going to go on his "gut instinct" and "Believe"!!

We will be at Sneeky Pete's this evening, game is at 8:30 but many of us will be there "a little" before that"!  Why not join our small part of the "Steeler Nation"!  See you there... Go Stillers!!! 

Early November 2007 - Howdy!  Where have I been?  Crashed computers, Steelers, merciless work schedules, Penguins, lawyers, doctors, Steelers, Chiefly commitments and obligations... did I mention the Steelers?  We have a huge Monday night game... against the dreaded Steeler-killer Steve McNair and the hated Ravens.  As always, this division rival will command we have a big game.  If you have some spare time, why not join us.... you may even win an autograph!!  Do you know where we are?  If not... click on the photo below!  Go Stillers!!

Where are we?  Click on the photo for links to our digs!


Mid-October - Well, truthfully, when I saw that we had a bye so early into the season, I was bummed.  I though it was too early in the year to have a week off.  Apparently the football gods knew better because as it stands now, this is the perfect weekend to not have Steeler football at Sneeky Pete's (did I actually admit that??)  The last game was a huge boost, a lot of Black & Gold packed the house for what was the best game I have seen our team play in a long time.  Next up?  In Denver on Sunday night.  Late games drive me nuts!!!  Come on out for some Iron City Light & enjoy the game, kickoff is 8:15 (2015 for you military types)!  See you there!  Go Steelers...
Early October 2007 - Well, the last game does not qualify as one of our best!  Offensive line penalties and injuries just seemed to add up quicker than tosses to the end zone.  No matter, we were all at Sneeky Pete's and out cheering on our Steelers.  Our next game is at 1 pm, why not come on out and join us?  Send me an e-mail and I will tell you how to get there!  
Late September 2007 - Where were you last Sunday?  Why not  join lots of Black & Gold fans in Virginia Beach?  Come on down to Sneeky Pete's!  The 4 pm game is guaranteed to be a load of fun.  Make sure to show up early!!  Plenty of food, spirits, and fun!  If you have questions or need directions, contact me.
Mid-September 2007 - What are you doing on Sundays?  Want to join others of "your own kind?"  Consider joining us at Sneeky Pete's!  Two games in the books (and a thrilling Cleveland win over the Bengals) has the 2007 season starting off right.  If you have questions or need directions, contact me.
Early September 2007 - Thanks for stopping by!  Even though the site will not be bringing you autograph news, I will still update Pittsburgh sports news, the Virginia Beachin' Fan Club news, and the inside scoop on what is happening at Sneeky Pete's!  We will be meeting at the bar at 11:30 next Sunday.  Stop by to see Earl and I if you want to join the club this year.  If you want to know how to locate Sneeky Pete's, please e-mail me. 

August 2007 - Good day!  For those of you first checking out my site, I apologize for it does appear neglected!  The autographs and memorabilia on these pages were once part of my huge collection.  Although I have since given it all away I keep this site going to inspire all "new" & "not so new" collectors to never give up their passion  for this hobby.  None of these items should be deemed irreplaceable (tough to find, but not impossible to find!)  I hope, one day, to get this whole website back on the front burner.  Until then, keep your chin up, your dreams alive, and your spirits souring!  Here is to a great Steelers season!  God Bless!


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First-year coaches often win playoff openers

By Joe Rutter   TRIBUNE-REVIEW  Wednesday, January 2, 2008

 Being a first-year head coach won't put Steelers' boss Mike Tomlin at a competitive disadvantage Saturday night, when he matches wits with Jacksonville Jaguars veteran coach Jack Del Rio in an AFC wild-card playoff game at Heinz Field.

On the contrary, history suggests being a coaching neophyte might slightly benefit Tomlin in his first playoff game, even if his Steelers are two-point underdogs to the visiting Jaguars.

Since the Super Bowl era began with the 1966 season, a rookie head coach has taken his team to the playoffs 26 times. In those playoff openers, the rookies have sported a 14-12 record.

Tomlin is approaching his first playoff game much like he did the regular season, when he led the Steelers to a 10-6 record and an AFC North title.

"I've got a bunch of mentors and peers that I respect a great deal, and I know they're there for me if I need advice," Tomlin said. "But ultimately, I've got to go with my gut, and I've done that. I'll continue to do that."

Steelers fans hope Tomlin fares better than his predecessor, Bill Cowher.

Cowher is the only Steelers coach to make the playoffs in his first season. But that trip in 1992 became bittersweet, as the Buffalo Bills handed the Steelers a 24-3 defeat.

Two rookie coaches have used their first playoff victory as a springboard to the Super Bowl title: Don McCafferty with the Baltimore Colts after the 1970 season and George Seifert with the San Francisco 49ers following the 1989 season. Oakland's Bill Callahan (2002) and Denver's Red Miller (1977) reached the Super Bowl as rookies only to lose the big game.

First-year head coaches were 1-1 in their playoff game debuts last season. Eric Mangini watched his New York Jets get destroyed, 37-16, by the New England Patriots and his former boss, Bill Belichick. However, Sean Payton guided the New Orleans Saints to a 27-24 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles and into the NFC Championship Game.

This season, Tomlin is the only rookie among the 12 playoff coaches. Greenfield native Mike McCarthy is in his second season with the Green Bay Packers.

Among the nuggets unearthed about rookie coaches and the playoffs (see accompanying chart):

AFC West teams are 4-0 in playoff openers, and NFC South teams are 3-0. Conversely, AFC East teams are 0-4 in openers under a first-year coach.

The only matchup of first-year coaches was after the 2000 season, when Jim Haslett's Saints defeated Mike Martz's St. Louis Rams, 31-28.

Of the 32 franchises, 15 have never reached the playoffs under a rookie coach: Miami, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Kansas City in the AFC; Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Arizona and Seattle in the NFC.

Among NFC North teams, Minnesota's Dennis Green (1992) is the only first-year coach to reach the playoffs since 1966.


9/9 1:00 pm Cleveland W- 34-7
9/16 1:00 pm Buffalo W- 26-3
9/23 1:00 pm San Francisco W- 37-16
9/30 4:15 pm Arizona L- 21-14
10/7 1:00 pm Seattle W- 21-0
10/21 8:15 pm Denver L- 31-28
10/28 1:00 pm Cincinnati W- 24-13
11/5 8:30 pm Baltimore W- 38-7
11/11 1:00 pm Cleveland W- 31-28
11/18 1:00 pm New York L- 19-16 OT
11/26 8:30 pm Miami W- 3-0
12/2 8:15 pm Cincinnati W- 24-10
12/9 1:00 pm New England L- 34-13
12/16 1:00 pm Jacksonville L- 29-22
12/20 8:15 pm St. Louis W- 41-24
12/30 1:00 pm Baltimore L- 27-21 will mostly be a Pittsburgh Team Autographs page, but I do include other successes of players I really like. I keep a pretty intensive database of all my mailings, successes, & failures. My goal is to share information with other autograph collectors & to help them be successful in this very addictive hobby!  Every collector is welcome, especially Black & Gold fans! 
The Steelerchief's Black&Gold Locker Room is intended to be FUN and informative in nature.  I DO NOT SELL OR TRADE my autographs; I collect player signatures for my own personal collection. I generally mail trading cards to be signed unless I specify otherwise. 

I will not post home addresses on this page, only team addresses or business addresses. I will, however, entertain the idea of sharing any successful addresses with you if you e-mail me.  Please remember that many of the addresses I have had success with were the hard work of others!!  For a better view of Pittsburgh photographs and autographed cards, please click on the thumbnail!  I love hearing from fellow fans, fans of Pittsburgh teams past and present. I hope you enjoy the site!  

      Addresses & Chronology

This section will find it's way back in the future.  

In the meantime... please 

enjoy what is posted from my collecting past!



Do to Steeler club policy, Former Steelers requests  will not be forwarded!
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All FORMER Pirates that you want forwarded to, send request  to:
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C/O Pittsburgh Pirates Alumni
115 Federal St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

By the way, as of December 2004, the Pirates are THE ONLY M.L.B. team with an active alumni!  I got this information from a very credible source!

All CURRENT Pirates that you want forwarded to, send request: 
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C/O Pirates 
P.O. Box 7000
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

All FORMER AND CURRENT Penguins that you want forwarded to, 
send request to:
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C/O Administrative & Ticket Offices
One Chatham Center, Suite 400
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I have dedicated this site to one of the kindest, friendliest, and humblest people I have ever met. He was truly a remarkable person, a legend of football, and a super human being, Otto Graham! For more Otto auto's, click the football...  

Goodbye Otto.... You were a great, great friend, a mentor, and one of the greatest people I have ever known!

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