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The Steelerchief, near Mt. Ranier, Washington!


The Steelerchief


       Student Days
My graduation picture, 1979

My family spans five generations in Pittsburgh, and most of my relatives still live there. I was born in McKees Rocks, PA, in 1961, and I have been a Black & Gold fan all my life. To see photos of Pittsburgh, click here!

I have served for more than 26 years, and I'm currently stationed in Portsmouth, Virginia.

The Steelerchief receiving his Master Chief Petty Officer letter, via the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, from his Commanding Officer!


I started this hobby for a couple of reasons. First, I received more than 80 autographs of players, generally from the late 1940ís and early 1950ís. (Please visit my Old Timers page!). 
Second, I realized I had a ton of old Steeler, Pirate, and Penguin sports cards and I needed to do something with them. I got started with the Maulers & Condors later. So, I decided to start sending off my cards to see if players would sign them. I did not realize what a popular hobby this was.  It is now a thrill to be able to look in the mailbox in hope of finding something other than bills! My family supports me in this hobby and I really have a great time sending out cards. It is relatively inexpensive as well. 


Craig - Class of 1999 & University of Michigan graduate!

Craig has his own web site, aptly named Craig's Wondrous Website

Amy - Class of 2002 & she graduated from Eastern Michigan in 2006!




Chief just loves fan mail!!


Chief  and I are thrilled with our success, over 98,000 hits so far! Thanks everyone!  We love to hear from fellow fans, especially followers of the Black & Gold!   STEELERCHIEF@HOTMAIL.COM