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Butkus, Dick Wanted to try... RTS from CA!

Brodie, John

Mailed to SF HQ - RTS - 2nd try - Mailed to home address - RTS - (3rd try pending) - Mailed to 2nd home address

Marino, Dan

Mailed to Miami HQ - RTS with forwarding address provided - 2nd try - Mailed to home - RTS - Too many requests, sent a charity package.

Olsen, Merlin

Mailed to home - RTS

Riggins, John

Mailed to home - RTS - returned after 550+ days!

Davis, Charlie Mailed to home - RTS
Staubach, Roger AUTOPEN!  Returned for a "real" autograph!  See below!
Csonka, Larry Returned with pre-print 5x7, too many requests. Home address.
Simpson, O.J. No response!
Smith, Dave RTS - No longer at this address
Huther, Bruce RTS - No longer at this address
Vick, Michael RTS - from Furman University, T/C of the Falcons - 6 months later
Tarkenton, Fran RTS - 2.5 years later, returned with the chance to pay $25 to get them signed!


Acosta, Ed Returned two cards unsigned.

Aaron, Hank

Mailed to BRAVES (a newspaper clipping) POB 4064 Atlanta, GA 30302 - RTS - charges fee ($60)

Hernandez, Ramon

Mailed to PA HQ - RTS due to an out of country address - (2nd try pending) - Mailed to home address

McDowell, Sam Will not sign through the mail!  Charges, I am sure!
Zalapski, Zarley Sent C/O Penguins, RTS, no forwarding address!!
Mahovlich, Peter Charges!!  Between $8 & $10.


Terry Bradshaw
The autographs below were in-person signings, at a store that was promoting Terry's new book. 


Roger Staubach - Autopen

Terry Bradshaw - Ghost writer



March 2002

This was signed for me through a friend at the Penguin organization.  Unfortunately, I haven't been in touch with this friend for awhile, but the signature is definitely the real deal!

2 Mario Lemieux fake autographs...
June 2001 - I requested an autograph and specifically stated that if a stamp or autopen was my only option, please simply send the magazine back in my SASE.  Well, someone stamped the magazine, then "tried" to trace over it to make it look like a real autograph!  This ticked me off...
November 2004 - I tried again to request an autograph and I clearly stated that if a stamp or autopen was my only choice, to please send the magazine back.  This time they appeared to have just stamped it.  That's it, I'll quit trying to mail to Mario.