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Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Steagles of 1943

Chicago-Pittsburgh Card-Pitt "Carpets" of 1944



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Mailed Received Results Address Notes
Steele, Ernie 13-Sep-03 22-Sep-03 3 I/C's Home  
Sears, Vic


22-Sep-03 3 I/C's Home  
Miller, Tom 13-Sep-03 22-Sep-03 3 I/C's Home Wrote a half page letter!!
Doyle, Ted 13-Sep-03  23-Sep-03 3 I/C's Home  

Wistert, Albert

13-Sep-03 24-Sep-03 3 I/C's Home Mailed 2 Michigan cards, his Big 10 2003 Person of the Year program, info regarding his daughter's charity, a full page letter!!
Graves, Ray 13-Sep-03 27-Sep-03 2 I/C's Home  
Kilroy, Bucko 13-Sep-03 29-Sep-03 3 I/C's Home Mailed 1 extra card!
Hinkle, John "Jack" 07-Oct-03 14-Nov-03 3 I/C's Home  
Sherman, Allie 21-Sep-03 17-Feb-04 3 I/C's Home  


Wistert, Albert 22-Nov-03 19-Dec-03 1 card/1 photo Home Brother of Albert Wistert - U. of Michigan


Doyle, Ted 06-Feb-05  15-Feb-05 2 I/C's Home On Steelers, Pirates, & Steagles
Banonis, Vince 01-Mar-05 07-Mar-05 2 I/C's Home  
Bulger, Chet 01-Mar-05 07-Mar-05 2 I/C's Home  





Record: 5-4-1
Years of existence: 1943
Owners: Art Rooney Sr. & Alexis Thompson
Coaches: Steelers' Walt Kiesling & Eagles' Earl "Greasy" Neale
Stadiums: Forbes Field & Shibe Park

(Thanks to John Troan of

1943 Philadelphia - Pittsburgh Steagles - How they got to 5-4-1!

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Pittsburgh Steagle Statistics - How the players did!

The Steagles Remembered - 60 years later!!!

Record: 0-10-0
Years of existence: 1944
Owners: Art Rooney Sr. & Charles Bidwell, Sr.
Coaches: Steelers' Walt Kiesling & Cardinals' Phil Handler
Stadiums: Forbes Field & Comiskey Field

1944 Chicago - Pittsburgh Carpets - How they got to 0-10-0!

1944 Carpets Roster - Who they were!

Card-Pitt Statistics - How the players did!

Cardinal Chronicle -  "the Big Dead"