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Mailed Received Results Address
Lewis, Mike 21-May-02 29-May-02 1 card Home
Williams, Chuck


03-Jun-02 1 card Home
Thompson, George 21-May-02 12-Jun-02 1 card Home
Grosso, Mike  X  29-Jun-02 1 card Gift
Kelly, Arvesta 01-Feb-03 23-Mar-03 2 cards Buss.
Swift, "Skeeter" 24-Mar-05 26-Apr-05 1 card Home
Hamilton, Dennis 30-Dec-05 07-Jan-06 2 I/C's Home
Harge, Ira 30-Dec-05 09-Jan-06 3 I/C's Home
Vacendak, Steve 26-Dec-05 12-Jan-06 2 I/C's & own I/C Home
Davis, Warren 30-Dec-05 12-Jan-06 2 I/C's Home
Dill, Craig 26-Dec-05 13-Jan-06 2 I/C's & letter Home
Larry Bergh 02-Jan-05 13-Jan-06 2 I/C's &  request Home
Kissane, Jim 01-Feb-06 13-Feb-06 2 I/C's &  request Home
Hawkins, Connie x 13-Feb-06 1 I/C Gift
Laurie, Harry 22-Feb-06 28-Feb-06 2 I/C's Home
Ruffner, Paul 22-Feb-06 02-Mar-06 2 I/C's Home
McGill, Bill 22-Feb-06 02-Mar-06 2 I/C's Home
Sutor, George 22-Feb-06 04-Mar-06 2 I/C's & biz card Home
Hawkins, Connie 22-Feb-06 06-Mar-06 2 I/C's & B&W  Home
Kennedy, Joe 22-Feb-06 09-Mar-06 2 I/C's Home
Hoover, Tom 25-Feb-06 23-Mar-06 2 I/C's Home
Szczerbiak, Walt 22-Feb-06 25-Mar-06 2 I/C's Home
Heyman, Art 26-Dec-05 07-Apr-06 2 I/C's Home
Jarvis, Jim 26-Dec-05 15-Apr-06 2 I/C's Home


Pittsburgh Pipers (1967-68 and 1969-70)/Minnesota Pipers (1968-69)/ Pittsburgh Condors (1970-71 to 1971-72)
Year-to-Year Notes (courtesy Robert Bradley)

Formative Period
February 1967 - The formation of ABA announced with a franchise owned to Gabe Rubin (a Pittsburgh theater owner, who had been involved with the Pittsburgh Rens of the American Basketball League) .... The franchise is named the Pittsburgh Pipers .... Sign Connie Hawkins (who had played for the Rens after being banned from the NBA because of his alleged association with gamblers). Draft Earl Monroe (who signs with Baltimore of the NBA). Sign Charlie Williams (who had been banned from the NBA in 1965 because of his alleged failure to report a bribe offer made to a college teammate).

1967-68 (54-24) First Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 3,143

Play in the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. January 1968 Hawkins plays in the All-Star Game. Hawkins and Williams are named First Team All-ABA Hawkins is named ABA Most Valuable Player and leads the league in scoring with 26.8 PPG. May 1968 Cazzetta is named ABA Coach of the Year. Defeat Indiana 3 games to 0, Minnesota 4 games to 2 and New Orleans 4 games to 3 in playoffs to win the ABA Championship!

1968-69 (36-42) Fourth Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,183

June 1968 After losing over $250,000, Rubin sells 85% interest in the Pipers to ABA General Counsel William J. Erickson.... Erickson becomes club President and moves the franchise to Minneapolis (the site of the league office) where it becomes the Minnesota Pipers .... Cazzetta chooses not to follow team to Minnesota. Jim Harding is hired as coach .... Play in the Metropolitan Sports Center and Duluth Auditorium.  Erickson defaults on his payments and the team reverts back to Rubin. Harding is fired as coach after a fist fight with Rubin at the All-Star Game. January 1969 Williams plays in the All-Star Game as Hawkins is selected to play but misses the game due to a knee injury.  Lose in first round of the playoffs to Miami 4 games to 0.

1969-70 (36-42) Fifth Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,009

Draft George Thompson.  John Clark hired as coach June 1969 Hawkins leaves the ABA to sign with Phoenix of the NBA after reaching a settlement in his $6 million suit against the NBA. The franchise returns to Pittsburgh after losing a reported $400,000 in Minnesota. Fail to qualify for the playoffs!

1970-71 (36-48) Fifth Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,806

The franchise is purchased by Haven Industries, Inc.  Former Pittsburgh Pirate Dick Groat is hired as Executive Vice President. The team nickname is changed to the "Condors" after a name-the-team contest. The contest winner was originally the "Pioneers" (the nickname of Point Parks, a local NAIA school), and after the threat of a lawsuit, the name "Condors" was picked instead.  January 1971 a reporter finds a signed contract between the Condors and Villanova University star Howard Porter in Commissioner Jack Dolph's briefcase. The Condors fail in an attempt to lure Hawkins back from the NBA. Fail to qualify for the playoffs!

1971-72 (25-59) Sixth Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,215

October 1971 Metro Sports, headed by Donald H. Abrahams, a Maryland investment banker, buys the franchise, stating that the team will remain in Pittsburgh. Fail to qualify for the playoffs!

Dispersal of Franchise
June 1972 The league announces it will attempt to relocate the Condors franchise to a larger television market. The Condors franchise is purchased by the league and disbanded. The Condors' players are dispersed in a special draft .