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2010 TSI Hall of Fame Inductee
The Cubbie Slug

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(except for NYC of course!)
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"Whether you run 100 more or no more, you will remember the first one. It's like a first romance. It may be pleasurable, or it may be painful, but there will never be anything quite like it again."
Joe Henderson, on running your first marathon

Harper's Magazine

Succeed Tabs Charles Sayles (TSI Class of '06) with Pres.Bush the First after 2007 Houston Marathon, "Mr. President, for the last time you are not getting my Slug-Shirt, but i do know where you can get one!!!"
Serving (Ultra)Marathoners Since 1989!
"Team Slug would like to thank Fellow Slugs & Sluggettes, Compadres, Wanderers, and Any/All Folks lost on the Internet for sharing this lifelong journey of friendship and visiting our website!!!"
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Congratulations to the 17 starters & 14 finishers of TSI's 2010 Fattest (Frozen) Butt ... Overall Winner was George Reeves in 4:15, first female was Kathleen Titus in 5:23, and The Crazy-Horse Award Winner was Robert Wolhar in 8:02 ... Full, Official Results on Blog ...

2010 Mid-Atlantic Running (In the News):
  • Bloggin' with da' Slugs!! Currently, In the Slug Kingdom ...
  • Registration for SC RFH/Slug Event at: Landsford Canal
  • Booty Rumble Race Report from: Steve Tursi
  • Looking Back, Just for Fun; James/Rebecca's 1998 Redeye
  • Purchase Official Team Gear at the Team Slug Online Store
  • Team Slug's Ultrarunning Quote of the Week The Runner said...
  • Watch out for these! "Then there are the gangs. Initially old people might be satisfied to wear gang clothing: nylon shorts, tights, T-shirts, and Walkman radios. But dressing like a delinquent leads to acting like a delinquent. Soon they will find themselves being initiated into one of the hardcore gangs, with names such as AURA, BUS, Runners From Hell, or their ultra rivals, Team Slug. Despite their vows of secrecy, horrifying tales of the initiation rites of these gangs have escaped. New members are forced to smear Vaseline between their legs, under their arms, and even on their nipples, before performing such rituals as defecating in the woods, and running until they hallucinate. It's not a pretty picture."
    Gary Cantrell in Ultrarunning Magazine Oct 2000

    Thanks for visiting the Team Slug homesite. While there are many SLUGS out there let me assure you we are The Originals. We are direct philosophical and practicing descendants of Mr. Walter Stack, Remembering Walt and blessed by T.J.Key, founder of the World-Famous San Diego Flatlanders Running Club. In honor of T.J.Key and his merry band of San Diegoans, TSI hosted the The Flatlander 50 in 1993-1994. Beginning in 1995 this run went on to become the Blue Moon Saloon 50 miler in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish Country. Because of Mr.Clean's unfortunate incident involving Crazy Horse Ale, two Hardee's Breakfast Bisquits, and the mayor's wife; we have had to take that race underground. TSI still runs it annually, with a skeleton crew, though the logistics remain top-secret.

    Team Slug was founded in September 1989 in Virginia Beach, VA by Bruce Chituck and John Harper as an ultramarathon group. We currently have approximately 50 Active Slugs, mostly on the Eastern Seaboard and Florida. However, many hundreds have completed events and proudly (sic) wear the Black 100% Cotton (no fancy-pants polypropelene here) Team Slug T-Shirt,as shown above. During this time we have had the tremendous good fortune of meeting thousands of amazing individuals pursuing incredible dreams. Human beings who appear normal to the naked eye. But, when they put those running shoes on; watch out! And, while they may be average folks, actively pushing limits; they are achieving what most people do not believe possible. This adventure of our lifetime has been a great education in the nature of humanity. It has been a terrific 20 years, and we appreciate every single person that has crossed our path. Whether we've met once at an obscure Team Slug / R.F.H. /, ultra, are e-mail friends, or run weekly together; each and every fellow Slug is an important and valued friend. Their exploits deserve mention and this site is dedicated to them. More fortunately, TSI has had the high honor and privilege of assisting over sixty runners to complete their first marathon, and or ultramarathon. All are Confirmed Slugs, and some still even return our phone calls :)

    Over the years, TSI has been accused of poorly marking & sometimes not marking trails, providing dismal aid during ultra-length races, and hosting unorganized events. Most of these accusations are true. Friends, fellow slugs,etc, it's just you and the trail/road out there. To be a Slug is to be self-reliant, but, most of all you must be willing to accept responsibility for your physical / emotional / psychological being, and have a good time. Friends, please enjoy, and be thankful for, every single breath. Team Slug is absitively, and posalutely committed to helping all levels of runners, stumblers, bumblers, joggers, hobblers, wobblers, and/or crawlers to attain the joy and satisfaction received from setting the marathon / ultramarathon goal, and then attaining it.

    Our group is proud to be based out of Dover, Delaware. We meet weekly (if we're not at a marathon / ultra event) for long runs at Killens Pond State Park near Felton, Delaware; and, once a month at Catoctin State Park near Frederick, Maryland. The next Delaware Team Slug event will be the 2010 Fattest Butt 50K on Saturday, January 1st, 2011. Newcomers are always welcome.

    "We were lawless people, but we were on pretty good terms with the Great Spirit." Tatangi Mani


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