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The Queen of UR, Post 100 in Vt. Yes, it is Ann T. And she says I am her "Favorite Slug" ever. And i got the pic and autograph to prove it. Sorry Charlie :) Many outsiders say she doesn't fit Slug Criteria. After all she is NOT SLOW. But, friends, that's the beauty of Slugdom. Everyone qualifies. All that's needed is desire. True honor is reserved for those souls willing to compete. a SLUG will toe that line.

Yes, it is Ann T.

More Free Advice from Bobby Pinson

Donít ride your bike off a ramp thatís more than three bricks high.
An' donít take a candy from the store if you ainít got the dime.
Donít pick a fight with the little guy that doesnít talk that much.
Donít pick up a Cherry Bomb thinkiní itís a dud.
An' donít sneak out of a two-storey house usiní bed sheets for a rope.
Donít ask me how I know.

Sell your truck while itís still runniní.
Save the Jesus off the dash.
Say a prayer when you feel like cussiní.
Save your money: pay with cash.
Forget your pride an' buy the roses:
If youíre sorry tell her so.
Donít drink the water in Mexico.
Donít ask me how I know.

Donít quit your High School football team halfway through the season.
Donít bust your buddy in the nose when you know he didnít mean it.
Donít lose a girl you love, at home, for a night in Panama City.
Donít rush off the 'phone when your Mama calls: you ainít that busy.
You oughtta make that drive to say goodbye to your Grampa Ďfore he goes.
Donít ask me how I know.

Forget your pride: buy the roses.
If you love her tell her so.
Donít go to Vegas with your heart broke.
Donít bum your cousin for that first smoke.
I'm tellin' you, don't drink the water in Mexico.
Don't ask me how I know.
Don't ask me how I know.
Yeah, I just know.