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Team Slug's Absolutely, Positively Favorite Ultrarunner in the State of California; Ms. Catra "If I can dream it, I can do it!" Corbett

Our Favorite California Slug

"Just go out there and simultaneously piss in your shorts, fart like a foghorn and drink from your mud-caked bottle. While you're at it let some liquid dribble down your chin onto your shirt, look up at the starry night and laugh like a raving lunatic. Fook em all. You're doing what you love to do and no one can stop you."
- Michael Musca, as told to Will Brown

"You'll be wistful for the "wall" of the marathon, when you hit the "death grip" of the ultra."
Bob Glover

"There are times in our lives when we are drawn uncontrollably to some dangerous source of misery."
Suzi Thibeault, in a letter to David Horton during his conquest of the Appalachian Trail: 2144 miles in 52 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes

" as we walked along the river toward Rucky Chucky, I said the words that most men say to a pretty woman as they walk along the river under a starry night on their first date: "If you were a real hardass, you'd stick your finger down your throat and clear your stomach and if you won't do it, I will."
Stan Jensen, pacing Sarah Lowell at WS'97

"No matter what anyone else says, there always remains a vast difference between having done it and standing on the other side, wondering if you can."
James E. Shapiro, from Meditations From The Breakdown Lane