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The 1993 & 1994 Flatlander 50 Mile

Most Early and Awesome Slugs From the Spring of 1993 and the First Flatlander 50 Mile Run; from the left: Running Man, Sly-Sam, The Rainman (Bob B.peeking), Phabulous Phlyin' Phil, Da' Hitman, Ed Miville, The Midnight Overhand Bowler Himself, and The Jett. All started and all finished. The course was marked with coconut marshmallows and pink ribbons and wound un-officially through a swampy Seashore State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

It was held May 9, 1993; just 15 days after the newly formed VHTRC's First Battle of Bull Run Run. With seven starters it became the largest Slug-field ever to assemble. The Jett led from the beginning sloshing through the waist deep mudd, and sinking sands in just over eight hours. Close behind were Ed M & The Great One himself, Mr. John Clark. Indeed, that was the day the Man with a Thousand Nicknames pushed the Hitman off a 25 foot sand dune, and hooked up with Big Bertha in the parking lot. The Ranger's were not happy with us.

Most Early and Awesome Slugs On May 1, 1994 we returned to the scene of the crime and did it all over again. From the left: Don Smith, The Hitman being sneered at by Mr. Clark, Peanut looking on, Chris Hinch, Terry Wettig, Sam "Trail Slug" Baucom, Mike Fiorito, and Mike "Snickers" Morton. Chief Slug is absent from photo. He spent most of the the morning explaining to Ranger Rick why semi-clothed females were running through the park distributing Coconut Covered Marshmallows.

Snicker's Morton bolted off the start line, never once stopped to enjoy the seething swamp creatures; and cruised in at 6:36. A few years later he became the first East Coaster ever to win the Western States 100. Fiorito and Smith each broke eight hours, with Wettig and Peanut finishing together in 8:30. The Hitman lost the Crazy Horse Award when Chris "A**-Backwards" Hinch became lost on the trail and stumbled in well after dark. He blamed the misadventure on missing marshmallows, and was promptly ordained a True Slug. The run was a complete success!