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"Above all, train hard, eat light, and avoid TV and people with negative attitudes."
Scott Tinley

Thanks for your kind words, i feel it a privilege to help you and other runners, i have been blessed and so have you, i do hope you come back to the MMTR, it is a very special race, remember that we fill up now in Mid Sept.'
You and your group have had an impact on the UR scene as well, you have kept it fun and that is what you have to do.
God bless you
in Christ
David Horton

Shouldn't a runner be dead before you name a race after him? I know for a fact John Clark is alive and well; and hiding from the slugs. Can you blame him? After all, you know what happened. Does Mr. Clark even know about this?
Bertha from Bethesda
ED: No, Mr. Clark doesn't know about it, but it's OK. The place where we're holding the race doesn't know it either ;) Keep Runnin' Bertha!

Good to hear from you. As the saying goes "old slug's never die; someone doing a training run just steps on them." I'm still running. Did Bad H20 last year and a couple of 50's. Doing WS this year. Was planning to do Badwater but may have change of plans.
Started doing triathlons. 3 so far. A big one coming up in Oceanside 3 weeks from now, and i'm hoping to qualify for Ironman Hawaii in October.
Tri's are a piece of cake compared to UR....and fun...Beautiful women do tri's...not like UR...But, that's another story.
Keep running
Running Feather

Dear John,
Enclosed is your Walt Stack T-shirt. I'm sure it will be a real conversation item! Look us up next time you're in San Francisco!

Hi John,
Thanks. We are honored to be the Official Team Slug band!
That rocks!
It was nice meeting you all as well.
See ya soon!
Pretty Ugly

I am going out and catch you three pet rocks. They are still wild and will need to be tamed. Warning, they are not house broke and will be needed to be kept in a pen. No charge. Of course you will need to pay the shipping on the two ton pet rock. Shipping is $4,800.56 . I assume that you want the other two much lighter. Say 500 pounds each. I will send the shipping charges on that later. Of course again, over night will be much more.
Claude Sinclair, RFH

Dear Slugs
By saying this I feel I'm talking to members of my own club. We have many Slugs. Your newsletter, which we greatly enjoyed, was long and well thought out. Our newsletters are nonformal and consist of Guido of the Month, Moron of the Month (which is hard to decide because most of the 175 members qualify), a Calendar of events, and other info not pertinent to anything at all. Our main objective is not how fast you can run, but how fast you can get to the beer line. A race without three kegs, is not a race in New Orleans. I'm sending you a sample of the newsletter; have fun with it. It would make Guido proud if you would plagiarize off our newsletter, because you know I will off yours. If you ever come to New Orleans give us a call, we would love to slam down some cold ones with you. Bye, y'all.
Guido Sportiff
"Home of the Average Athlete"
Jefferson, Louisiana

Love your "Top Ten Reasons to Run Ultras!" And all the nicknames are great. It sounds like your group has a really great time and that's what it's all about.
One of these days I'm going to get into ultras. I have a feeling I would love it.
Thanks again and keep us informed about Team Slug!
Mary Lou Day, Editor
Running Journal

I have completed several of Claude's runs and I'm sure one was a Slug run as I got a nice "Start Slow...Off" slug t-shirt at one. I am definitely an up and coming slug, well representing the Slug ideal by staying near the back (in case someone bonks or gets injured and needs help - 'of course'). Usually undertrained for the event but no one has more fun at the run as I love the scenery and the people are great, not to mention not having to eat Gu all the time.
Scott "Stumblebum" Foxx

Dear Slugs
I just consumed ISOTWW. Delightful! Glad to see that you are recognizing "Tree-butting" John Clark. Unfortunately, it seems the forest service here in Ohio is searching for Mr. Clark. You see, John hit that tree with such a force that the next light wind uprooted it. The resulting erosion has created quite a messy situation in the southern part of the county. Could you please put me in touch with him?
Happy Slugging, Colleen T., Ohio
ED: Hey, it was no picnic for Mr.Clark either. He already suffers from Stretch Scalp Syndrome, which makes it appear one has too much head, and not enough hair. Now, the poor guys got a big dent right in the middle of the shiny spot. Besides, the last time I talked to the man with a thousand nicknames he was telemarketing cattle, had joined an overhand slowpitch midnight bowling league, and refused to leave me a forwarding address. Can you imagine that?

No more!!!

Hampton Virginia Ultra-Oval in the Summer of 1995
The Team Slug Birthday 50K Track Run
For the Record it Was Successful!