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"But one of my all-time favorites: the Race Director personally contacts each potential participant and conscientiously attempts to DIScourage their participation, including graphic descriptions of the deep wood’s voracious ankle-wrapping roots and the moving trail-rocks, terrible grades, horrendous bridge crossings, trail co-use dangers, hazardous lack of close aid-stations, possible perilous overcrowding, slippery leaves and pine needles. Rumors persist of strange creatures inhabiting both the pond itself and the surrounding forest (the trail never being more than a few yards from the water and virtually always within the woods, leaving the desperately-fatigued and confused runner appallingly vulnerable), of participants disappearing and later reappearing in ethereal form, of strange vapors rising from the pond at all hours, and deep snow banks."

Russell B. Cheney describing the treacherous TSI annual autumn foray into the woods.


"Damage assessment at that point was a slightly bleeding groin rash, a chapped butt crack, some type of minor foot sprain, and two blackened big toe nails! Not too bad, I thought."

Mark Crisman after finishing the 2007 Rocky Raccoon 100-Mile Run


"This was the most fun run I can remember (of course I am pretty senile) Twin Cities paled by comparison, but they only had 10,000 runners and charged $100."

Larry Macon "Bacon"
on da'Slugs 2006 RBC50K, and then running Twin Cities the next day.


"kill your T.V...Don't own one of those energy suckers &; time wasters. Get outside and move your body!!!!"


"The only safe place to be during this run, is someplace else."

Dan "G-Man" Grayson on VHTRC's TRAC Run.


"There is no steadfast rule to being last, but luck helps."

"Let me vapor lock, but if I must finish let me be last."

Charlie Wojcik


"You've got to spread your arms, hold your breath--and always trust your cape."

Jerry Jeff Walker


"I ran harder than I've ever run, probably harder than I should have run, but I gave it everything I had. That's why I collapsed when I hit the track."

Brian Morrison following the 2006 WS 100.


"Today I feel like one of the walking dead. Except for the walking part."

Mark Swanson following the 2006 WS 100.
Redding, California


"Yesterday I did the local cancer relay race. I got off work at 5PM and got to the track at 6PM. The relay lasted 18 hours so I had been awake nearly 30 hours before the hallucination started. I mainly walked but covered about 52 miles. Sometime in the middle of the night the track turned into a glide path with me flying a plane. The track is next to a railroad yard. The ground was dusted with bits of weed blown over from passing trains. The weeds had turned into homes and cars. The lane stripes turned into lights lighting the glide path. It was way cool, to be flying a plane with lights below telling me when to turn so I could stay on the glide path.
Then a goddamn passing train woke me."

Kevin O'Neall
Green River, Wyoming