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About the Webmaster

Whiteboy's Rules was my first ever serious (and publicly) released mod, and my first ever website. It began from humbly watching my younger brother do a basic mod to paradrops, to me experimenting, to adding a full array of new Soviet units, to creating a fully-fledged mod for V1.0, and then to hugely expanding and polishing the mod for V1.5 and creating later re-releases. This has been a real passion project for me - a labour of love I embarked on around 2002 in Scotland and finished many years later in New Zealand. I will never forget the fun times, the hard times, the people I've met and things I've learned, and the times when tinkering with this game was all I could think of. It staved off boredom and gave me purpose as a young adult. And it's made me many friends!

Click me for the old site look! Full mod credits are here: About Whiteboy's Rules
Thank you to ALL people who helped with this mod, developing assets, giving advice, testing, and of course thank you to all the players and the C&C community!

Whiteboy's Rules is David 'Whiteboy' White 2002 - 2020
2020 Re-release developed in March 2020
Mod website (note it's very old):

If you want to know any more about me, why not just add me on :-)

Shoutout to my beautiful wife!
Thanks for reading! Take care and God bless!

David "Whiteboy" White.

In memory of my 4 young children: Jamie, 'Milli', 'Chip', and Jemima; all of whom lived, two of whom were born, but none of whom stayed xoxo - I will always love you.