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This is the downloads section, where you can download not only the mod, but past versions of it, as well as other tidbits and goodies ;) ENJOY!

When you download the mod and open the archive, please make sure you read the documentation/readme files first - it will help you get started.
If you are having trouble downloading any of these, please let me know.

To get the full experience from Whiteboy's Rules V1.5, you should also download the mod's optional extra components (included in the 2020 re-release on ModDB, link below)- including both Assault map packs (there's 25 Assault maps in each pack) and the Terrain Expansion, as detailed in the About Whiteboy's Rules section and in Mod Installation. The Assault Map Packs compliment many mods, and are made by the former C-GEN network (Cannis, Blade, Marshall and others).

NEW! V1.5 2020 Re-release

Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 (2020) mod for C&C: Yuri's Revenge

File name:
File size: 62.98 MB
[Mirror (Without Optional Components)]
File description: Released 1st April 2020, this is the best edition of the mod available. This is a modern re-release of
Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 that should work with all versions of the game (including Origin, the original CDs, The First Decade, and CnCNet for multiplayer).
This release is designed to be more accessible and future-proof. Content-wise, absolutely nothing has changed between this and the previous .exe launcher version of 1.5.
There is no launcher anymore but installation is simple. All documentation needed is included in the download, as well as optional extra mod components. ENJOY!

Click here to see installation instructions I wrote for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge + CnCNet + Whiteboy's Rules + Extras + tips on how to get the best from the Game and Mod - updated for 2020!

Click a file name below to download past mod releases/versions and other goodies

File name: Whiteboys Rules V1.5
File size: 9.6 MB
[Alternate Download Server]

File description: The long-awaited final release of Whiteboy's Rules! A cumilation of about 5 years work. ENJOY!

Note that elsewhere, you may find a "preview" release of V1.5 - this is exactly the same version, so you can play online with either one. The only thing missing is a full user manual, which in the future may be available either with the mod, on this site, or both.

File name: Whiteboys Rules V1.0 2005
File size:
1.18 MB

File description: This is version 1.0 2005 of Whiteboy's Rules, released October 2005. A quick-start guide is included. Note that this version is technically inferior to V1.5 and any future versions. The differences in the 2005 edition (compared to the very first release on the 4th of June 2003) are a better user manual (albeit outdated), a mod launcher feature, and a bugfix that allows campaigns to function properly. Other than that, this edition remains the same as the original release.

File name: Yuri's Revenge 1.001 Update
File size:
2.27 MB

File description: The official and final update for Yuri's Revenge. Required for online play and for any version of Whiteboy's Rules. Does not apply to C&C: The First Decade edition as this is already updated.

File name: RA2/YR/TS/FS LAN patch for Windows 7 and Vista
File size:
24 KB

File description: The unofficial LAN patch by Kevin van Gool (Scorpio9a). Tiberian Sun/Firestorm and Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge require IPX for LAN play. IPX is not present in Windows versions later than XP. So to play LAN, this patch is required, to make these games use the UDP protocol instead. Also works for Windows XP. It includes a readme and installation is as simple as extracting a .dll file into your game folder. Tested to fully work with Whiteboy's Rules, using crossover cable, and wireless, and across Windows 7 and XP. NOT tested with The First Decade versions of RA2/YR and TS/FS. Note that as I did not create this patch, I cannot provide any technical support for it. Support can be found at Understorm. A similar patch for Tiberian Dawn (C&C Gold) and Red Alert is also available there.

File name: NewEra 2000 V3.0 (For Tiberian Sun)
File size: 1.58 MB

File description: Copyright: Raul Riera 1999. An excellent gameplay mod for C&C: Tiberian Sun that gave some inspiration for Whiteboy's Rules. Includes many new units and structures, and interesting weapons and concepts such as navies for both sides, mobile Ion Cannon uplinkers, flying Cyborg Commandos, a Mammoth Tank Factory for GDI that builds different types of Mammoth Tanks... the list goes on! The mod is in original unedited form here and is packaged with an introduction by Whiteboy. Note that as I did not create this mod, I cannot provide any technical support for it.

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