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Here you will find all of the very latest news and developments for Whiteboy's Rules. Check here often for all the info you need.

2020 Re-release of Whiteboy's Rules

The year is 2020 and I have re-released my mod!

I figured this was needed as a result of my frustrations with trying to get the older, launcher-based V1.5 release to work with modern Windows installations (specifically, Origin). I also wanted to play my mod online and thanks to CnCNet, and the way I've re-packaged the mod, that dream is now a happy reality!

I honestly never thought I'd re-visit this website but here I am 7 years after my last update - a lot has changed in my life but I'm still happily married and this website still somehow remains. Every page has been updated here to include my new contact details and to support modern methods of installing and playing Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and Whiteboy's Rules, especially Mod Installation and About Whiteboy's Rules, and of course the Downloads section. The 2020 re-release zip file contains the updated documentation as well as optional mod extras, which normally would have been separately downloaded files.
It's important to note that content-wise, nothing in the 2020 re-release has changed compared to previous 1.5 versions. The idea was simply to make the mod more accessible for modern game installations as well as future-proof it, as a result of that it no longer uses the specialised launcher it was previously packaged into. Installation/uninstallation is still super easy though.

Since this website has limited hosting space, the new re-release is hosted over at ModDB. I would love to read your comments there or here on the (now fixed) Shoutbox on the Homepage, and maybe even play Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 with you! I must admit I had a lot of fun playing online against my brother recently via the CnCNet Client - just like the good old times :)

Alright, this is Whiteboy in 2020, signing off! God bless and happy gaming, maybe I'll check this site again in the next decade!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 2nd April 2020

2013 Site Updates, and Reflections

So, it's been a very long time but I thought I'd drop by.

People still contact me about the fun times they had/still have playing Whiteboy's Rules. This is very humbling, of course. To think that now, in 2013, I am engaged to be married to the love of my life, and I am on the brink of completing a Degree in Teaching, while still looking back at this mod is quite amazing. I can't believe the amount of detail and work that I put into it... I scare myself sometimes.

Anyway, I have a small treat. I've updated some areas on the site, but the main addition is a very simple, step-by-step guide that I wrote in order to help newcomers install Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, and Whiteboy's Rules, as well as fix any problems they might have on the way. There are also tips to get the most out of the game and the mod. Check it out on the Mod Information page: Mod Information.

It has come to my attention that the old backup site for C-GEN - the site that hosted the Terrain Expansion and Assault Map Packs - is gone. These are two major mod add-ons (not just for Whiteboy's Rules, but other mods too). So, if you need them now, I suggest a quick Google search - failing that, I can send you them myself, on request :)

Anyway, if you want to contact me these days it's best not to use the Yahoo email address scattered around the site. You can use the Shoutbox on this website, but the best way is probably everybody's favourite social network: Facebook :) I'm always up for a chat or even a game of Whiteboy's Rules!

Alright, this is Whiteboy in 2013, signing off! God bless!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 20th June 2013

Journey's End

Hi all! It's been a long time. I just wanted to say that though my site over at Strategy-X/Renegade Projects is gone, my old reliable (and questionable) Angelfire site right here it still operational, and I updated it today - you can actually download the Final version of the mod here now. You'll find it in the Downloads section.

Note that the final version is *the same* as the previously released "Preview" edition of the mod. The reason is simple - the preview version was a release candidate, and it's passed. There is nothing to add or take away from it - I am satisfied :D There are no major bugs - only minor unfixable glitches that affect many mods and that you won't notice easily. The planned "User Manual" is still not in the final version - and until I get some kind of wicked inspiration to write it, it probably won't happen.

So this is the end. The mod will outlast the work I did on it... if the emails I still get mean anything. I can finally say now that I officially retire from modding, and that probaby goes for not just Yuri's Revenge but all games. I may return to modding in the future but right now, my interest in modding games has faded and it's part of my past... my interests now are different. All part of growing up I guess... I'm still a gamer though, and always will be :)

I've made many friends over the last ...5-6 years? Wow. It's been a great journey and well worth it. Though I will not work on my mod again, I will still hang around the forums and my Angelfire site from time to time. I ask that Renegade/DCoder keep the Whiteboy's Rules Forums and the Gaming Forums open for as long as STX is around - even though my site will never be restored at STX.

Thank you all :)
If anyone wishes to contact me other than through these forums, please drop me an email at

Now I'm off to play Kane's Wrath. Peace through power!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 26th May 2008

The Final Frontier

Well, it's been a long time coming. There is now a proper new site for Whiteboy's Rules. This will likely be my last news post here. From now on, my official home shall be HERE, hosted at Strategy-X. The new site will soon develop into a more comprehensive base for the mod. Right now, it offers little, but as time goes by it will complement the mod itself nicely. The official forum for Whiteboy's Rules is over at the Renegade Projects/Strategy-X Forums.

As for this old site, I shall keep it as a refuge, should anything happen to the new site. And the shoutbox here is now the official spamhole for Whiteboy's Rules :P (Don't worry, there's a shoutbox on the new site for all your shouting needs).

Now, mod progress... it's at about 97%. All the new cameos are complete, the final Skirmish/Online mode is being completed, and the only thing that stands in front of me now is the AI. I will be sure to release a final Beta once I think I have a basic AI ready (it will be a private Beta) :P

Well, that's it. Goodbye Angelfire, hello Strategy-X!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 21st March 2006

Beta 5 in 2 days...

Hello! Whiteboy here. Please don't smite my soul for the lack of updates... well whatever, let's get down to business. You see, updates or no updates, I have been working furiously on V1.5, often staying up until 6AM. I also developed repetitive strain injury in my hand thanks to it. THAT's how dedicated (and stupid) I am.

By visiting the official Whiteboy's Rules forum, you'll discover that the next Beta is on the way - Beta 5 - in a matter of days. Question is, how far is this from the final release? Not far. After Beta 5 is released privately, cameos will be refined... AI will begin to be made, and I will also try to incorporate a new feature that I won't mention yet. This, people, is not a lot of work. I plan to have this mod out the door by Christmas, providing things go well. The main factor in delaying the mod is actually the very reason you would want it to be delayed - I keep on getting ideas to make the mod even better. Version 1.5 will be very refined indeed, especially from the input the Beta testers have given me.

The major announcement for this update is that Whiteboy's Rules HQ is moving... that's right, moving - from Angelfire (yuck!) to a proper C&C site (yay!). The one in question is CNC Depot. The new site will be hosted there, and at the moment boasts absolutely no content whatsoever. Yes, it's only just being made, so don't expect any activity there yet. For the record though, the new site can be reached HERE. Most likely I'll get another forum too... but that's for another update.

Another thing I should mention - version 1.0 of Whiteboy's Rules has been re-released in a clean shiny new package, which I have dubbed the "2005" edition. The three things that differenciate it for past releases are a better user manual, a fixed campaign mode, and a mod launcher, which makes it much easier to enable/disable the mod. Head over to the Downloads page and grab it. It will also be available at RADEN's download section should something happen to this site (God forbid :P)

? Posted by Whiteboy on 4th October 2005

Beta testers ahoy!

Long time no update! Yes, I'm alive and kicking here. Modding is all about inspiration. I have been lazing around doing barely any work on the mod for a few months, but now things are changing. I have my inspiration back, and I'm gonna get this mod finished ASAP or I'll eat my hat (of which I have just bought, and I would not like to eat such an expensive item thank you very much).

So, how are things going on the world of Whiteboy's Rules? Well, I have just finished the last unit for V1.5 - an innovative helicopter that deploys into a money crate, allowing you to effectively give money to your allies in this game's absence of such a feature. Right now I'm really on to the final stretch - the Beta testing. Feedback from the testing will allow me to tweak various things, all in the name of a more balanced mod. AI is still up in the air - I will either release V1.5 with very limited AI, or I will wait for a certain editing program to arise that can write the entire AI in a second. There's also the user manual I need to finish. But AI and documentation is not the subject of this news post.

The major announcement is that Whiteboy's Rules now has it's own proper forum on the C-GEN network. A big thanks goes out to CannisRabidus for this favour. The forum is for any kind of discussion relating to the mod, and also to gather Beta testers and view their feedback (although only Beta testers and I can view the feedback). This will help rush along the mod's progress quite bit - where better to look for Beta testers than C-GEN? If you want to be a Beta tester, you can visit the forum and depending on your apparent devotion to testing and also depending on your skill level in modding/playing the game then you will be selected for the team. Note that you cannot even view the C-GEN forums if you are not a member - but signing up is totally free, so what are you waiting for? get over to the official Whiteboy's Rules forum right now!

The future's even brighter than I said it would be in the last news update - so keep on checking for more updates and screenshots soon!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 8th March 2005

First ever screenshots up!

Whew! I've done heaps of work on the mod over the last few days, and some of that work involved grabbing some cool screenshots for you all to enjoy. And it's about time too! Thanks to the lead Beta Tester, Malebranche, for grabbing some of these screenshots. They are the first ever images of version 1.5 - head over to the Screenshots section to check them out.

Yes, after more than a month of lingering and not doing much mod-related stuff, I've finally started finishing off Whiteboy's Rules V1.5. And progress is rocketing - the other day I finished the 14 IFV turrets which I have to say look very good. I also finished the Pavement structure, and I am now working on fixing some imperfections in the general rules of the game. This will take some time, but I'd say that the mod is about 93.5% complete right now. Which is good, yes?

Once I have done the fixing, the mod will be finished and I will move on to make the comprehensive user manual, and the installer. Then... I can release Whiteboy's Rules right here at the Whiteboy's Rules HQ. Hopefully that will be before Christmas... version 1.5 has been in development for a year now. Then there's the future - beyond version 1.5 - of which I have loads of great ideas for that will improve the mod even more.

The future's bright - stay tuned for more exciting developments over the coming weeks!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 13th October 2004

Slow but steady progress; Beta 3 finished

Well now, after more than a month since the last update, I think it's about time I reported on the progress of the mod. Don't worry, I've not dropped off the face of the Earth, I just have little time to update WR HQ these days... but I'm still working on the mod slowly but steadily!

It looks like there won't be a public release anytime soon, but for the time being, I have just finished Beta 3, and distributed it to four Beta testers (if you would like to be a Beta tester, just email me at the address below). This Beta represents the very latest status of the mod - but let me assure you I have a few good ideas for some finishing touches before I complete the (ultra comprehensive) user manual and publicly release Whiteboy's Rules V1.5. So, what's in Beta 3? Well, frankly, I cannot tell you that. Nor can you download it - it is for Beta testers only. But I can tell you that Assault mode is now finished and the mod is very largely complete - I'd say about 91%. Right now I am working on adding the Pavement building from Tiberian Sun to the game. This building lets units that travel over it move slightly faster, and it prevents any subterannean units from surfacing - thus making it a great support building. Aside from that, I'm mainly fine-tuning the mod and making sure there are no bugs. So don't ever say I don't work really hard for you C&C fans :P

One significant thing I have done for Beta 3 is beef up the AI slightly. It will still not build the new WR units, but it attacks and defends better and more often now so it's not totally brain dead! Hopefully, with the release of a (unnamed for now) great new "random AI file generator" program, I will be able to put in some good AI that uses the WR units before the public release of version 1.5 - otherwise, AI will be implemented in a future version. Speaking of future versions, you should see what I have planned for beyond version 1.5... but that's for another time. For now, I can safely say that Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 will be released before Christmas this year. I am really trying to make it earlier though (like October perhaps). So watch this space for any new, er, news that may surface between now and then. Things are already livening up thanks to the private release of Beta 3, and things can only get better!

Also, regarding screenshots - the appearance of some mod graphics have changed recently, so I decided to hold back on revealing anything. But I now have two people working on taking some pics of the Beta 3 mod in action, so hopefully you will be able to see some mod footage soon :D

? Posted by Whiteboy on 23rd August 2004

Good news!

I am planning to add a new game mode to version 1.5 of Whiteboy's Rules before its release. This game mode was developed by Cannis and Deezire, and it is called Assault mode. It is a special mode that gives each player their own "flag" which they must defend at all costs. The only way to win in this mode is by destroying your enemy's "flag". This should prove to be an interesting mode, once I have added support for it - you need to download special "assault maps" that are compatible with this mode to play it. Normal maps will not work. Right now, there are 50 of these special maps available. Go here to find out more.

The mod's progress is going very well - I'd say the soonest time it can be released is the end of August. Yes, I know I keep pushing back the release, but I have a job now and things are getting harder to do. I will post some screenshots of the mod soon, when I have some time! I have also been receiving some comments on how many people visit Whiteboy's Rules HQ. Well, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm trying not to make this website very "known" until it is a bit more complete, and version 1.5 of Whiteboy's Rules is released. Until that time, I do not want too many visitors. But I'll be sure to let the whole C&C community know about it once I'm done!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 14th July 2004

Version 1.0 up for grabs

Just today I added Whiteboy's Rules version 1.0 to the downloads page. It was the first version to be released to the public, although the file up for download here is a bit different from the original release, in that it has an improved user manual. The original release was uploaded about a year ago to the Yuri's Revenge mods section of RADEN and it is much smaller in file size thanks to its basic text format user manual. The actual mod in both variants of V1.0 is exactly the same however.

The file is available for download just to give you a taster of what kind of mod Whiteboy's Rules is - like I have said before, it is inferior to version 1.5 and you should expect much better things from the upcoming latest version. Speaking of which, progress is coming along slowly but steadily. I'll try to get some screenshots put up ASAP for you all to have a look-see. Won't be too long now...

? Posted by Whiteboy on 20th June 2004

First ever news post!

Well, here it is. The first ever news I have posted in my life. Yes, Whiteboy's Rules HQ is the first ever website I have made. I know it's Angelfire... but just try to forget that fact and concentrate on the actual site, because that's what it's all about, right? My goal is to produce a site that compliments Whiteboy's Rules perfectly. I am a beginner when it comes to HTML, so the focus will not be on style and aesthetics, but on content and the actual mod. My motto is "substance over style".

Over the next few weeks I'll be creating the main structure of the site and posting some screenshots of the mod for all to see - it's about time I put them up - Whiteboy's Rules version 1.5 has been in development for almost 8 months now! As for the actual progress of the mod, version 1.5 is practically finished save for the user manual and the installer. I am taking my time with these two things. The installer should only take about two weeks, and I am making slow but steady progress on the manual, which is about 80 percent complete. I do not want the manual to be a rushed readme file, so it will probably take a month or two to complete. Trust me, the final version 1.5 will be worth the wait.

For now, you can use the shoutbox on the main page to talk about Whiteboy's Rules. Also, make sure you vote in the poll (also on the main page) - your vote counts! You can leave your comments about the poll - just vote or click on "Current Results" and you'll see it in the window that appears. I will change the poll once I release version 1.5 of the mod.

When I have completed version 1.5 of Whiteboy's Rules this site will get a lot more interesting... and I will announce its release on the major C&C sites (such as RADEN) so you won't miss it. Until then, have fun using the shoutbox and looking at the upcoming screenshots... and waiting for me to finish Whiteboy's Rules 1.5!

? Posted by Whiteboy on 12th June 2004