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About the Webmaster

YOU FOUND AN EASTER EGG! Below is the original 'About the Webmaster' info.

So, you want to know what posseses a person to venture out and make a mod for Yuri's Revenge? What kind of person makes a mod and a site for it? Well, here's the place to find out. I will attempt to give some relative information about me, for those who are interested.

Click me for the new site look! My name is David White. I'm an English-born, raised-in-Scotland, resident-of-New Zealand guy, born in November 1984. I've been playing games all my life and I have a knack for playing around with PCs and modding games I like, and all kinds of tech in general. After high school I went straight into University to study Computer Games Technology, but that didn't work out, even when I switched in year 2 to Computer Science. I figured my programming hobby was just that - a hobby - and I actually hated the real thing.

That was back in 2002-2004. These days I maintain a part-time job at an electronics retail store, while studying something I have a huge passion for: Primary school teaching. It is very rewarding to me. My other habbits include Taekwon-Do, playing the piano, hanging with friends and my girlfriend, and a bit of photography. I'm an avid fan of all sorts of music and art, I'm a longtime Nintendo fan. Nokia smartphones excite me, I am never found without mine.

I am a Christian - and I love God more than anything - and although I'm not perfect, I would not be where I am today if not for Him. I have Asperger's Syndrome, which I actually enjoy having. If you don't know what it is, it is also know as high-functioning Autism. Look it up :-)

What motivated me to make this mod? Well, like many other modders, it was seeing and playing other mods. I had played a few excellent Tiberian Sun mods and wondered how it was done. But it was not until my brother modded a paradrop (from GIs to SEALs) that I began researching. After making a Soviet-only mod for my personal use, I realised I was having fun and I should release something - so I modded the other two sides - and despite my amateur modding skills at the time, WR V1.0 was born.

What happened next is a result of the community. Version 1.0 became more popular than I thought, though I knew it was far from what I had in my mind as a finished mod. Its popularity and my vision motivated me to work towards a new, polished version of the mod. After many years of help from the community, including people like DCoder, HopalongTom, and Cannis (to name a few), WR 1.5 began to take shape as I learned new skills and put together beta testing teams. The support I gained was incredible. Many people offered to help with the mod and I received much feedback from version 1.0 and from beta testing. These people are recognised in my mod's credits section, see About Whiteboy's Rules page).

The result is Whiteboy's Rules version 1.5, my final version. It is a much more complete and polished mod than version 1.0 was, but I suppose we all start somewhere!

If you have abnormal levels of curiosity and want to know any more about me, why not just add me as a friend on :-)

Thanks for reading!

David "Whiteboy" White.