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This section contains frequently asked questions about Whiteboy's Rules. If you have a question/problem about the mod, please read About Whiteboy's Rules or Mod Installation, which has techniques for getting the games and mod to run well on modern systems. If you don't get your answer there, try this section. If you are still lost, you can try the shoutbox on the main page. If you still have problems or questions, feel free to contanct me via the email address at the bottom of this page. Hopefully there won't be too many things here, I tried my hardest to make the mod easy to use and understand. But still, you never know...

Q. Technical issues: I can't install the game or mod or mod add-on! The game runs too slowly! The resolution is horrible! I can't play online or LAN!

A. With modern operating systems showing up the age of this game and mod, technical issues are unsurprising. I've written an installation guide on how to solve most, if not all, of these issues. To summarise though: download and install the CnCNet Client. It doesn't just give you a brand new way of launching the game for Online/LAN and a new Skirmish mode, it actually patches the vanilla game too so you can still launch that and play the Campaigns and original Skirmish mode, complete with all the extra game modes Whiteboy's Rules adds to Skirmish.


Q. I can't see the new Whiteboy's Rules game modes when I play Skirmish/Online/LAN in CnC Net!

A. That's because CnCNet has a completely different set of game modes that are incompatible with the way the original game (and mods) worked. Whiteboy's Rules can still work with these modes in CnCNet, but you won't see the 40+ new game modes this mod adds. However, if you launch the game the normal way (without the CnCNet Client), and play Skirmish, the new mod game modes will work just fine.


Q. I can't see the 3 new Whiteboy's Rules maps or the 50 Assault maps!

A. The 3 new Whiteboy's Rules maps are normally only visible in Skirmish if you launch the game normally (not CnCNet). They are at the end of the list of maps. If you are playing Online/Skirmish in CnCNet you need to install those 3 maps as part of the optional extra components explained in the installation instructions. You will find them under 'Standard' game mode. If you want to see the 50 Assault/Infiltration maps and play those modes, they only work in the original game (not CnCNet) and you need to install the Assault Map Packs as per the optional extras, again check the installation instructions. Note that one of the 3 new mod maps ('Da River') requires the Terrain Expansion (TX) to appear visually correct; this is also one of the optional components. The TX does not work with the CnCNet Client. FYI, the Assault Map Pack file names are called and which contain 25 maps each, and the TX file name is These files are not unique to this mod. You simply extract all the contents of these to your root game folder and compatible mods (like WR) will detect them.


Q. Help! The mod is too hard! I'm being decimated by paradrops!

A. Are you playing on easy? Things will be a lot easier if you already have some skill with Yuri's Revenge. I highly recommend playing Practice mode in the mod first, to familiarise yourself with Whiteboy's Rules and have some practice defending against the new, harder AI. Speaking of which, have you tried the Campaign? It's harder with the mod enabled. And then there's hard mode, and Rebel AI mode...


Q. Does this mod require Ares/the Rock Patch?

A. No! I never wanted it to. Mostly for the overwhelming choice anxiety that would bring to myself, but also because .exe hacking is a grey legal area, plus I wanted this mod to be future-proof.


Q. The AI isn't doing anything in Survival mode!

A. Yes, that's right. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the game engine, the AI simply does not know how to play Survival or Super Survival. It will mostly sit there with its starting units, as cannon fodder. Survival is designed to be played between humans online or in a LAN.