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Affiliates and Links

Here is a list of Whiteboy's Rules HQ affiliates and links to some great sites in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge community. Check them out! Note that many may be dead now.

General Sites

Official free downloads of many older C&C Games with new single player & multiplayer Clients. The Yuri's Revenge Client doesn't include Campaign mode but is needed to play Whiteboy's Rules Online/LAN. It also fixes the vanilla RA2:YR game.

This is where Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 (2020 Re-release) is officially hosted.font color="#00ffff"

C&C The Ultimate Collection on Origin
This is the official store page for C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and lots of other C&C games. Tested and working with Whiteboy's Rules for Campaign and Skirmish modes (with the patches that the CnCNet Client applies).

Planet CnC
CnC Files
Sleipnir's Stuff


Eagle Red
CannisRules: Balance of Power
MooMan's Rules/YR˛ * Whiteboy's Rules Affiliate *
YR Unofficial 1.002 Mini-Patch
Allies Revenge 2
Total Destruction
Purple Alert
Terrain Expansion project for Yuri's Revenge
Mental Omega
C&C Exile
Xaeon Mod
The Project
Whiteboy's Rules Strategy-X
Whiteboy's Rules
C&C: Nuked * Whiteboy's Rules Affiliate *
Tiberian Sun Retro
Tiberian Sun : Total War
YR: Zero Hour
Wthigon's Rules * Whiteboy's Rules Affiliate *
HopalongTom's Revenge * Whiteboy's Rules Affiliate *


DCoder's RedUtils
Project Perfect Mod
YR Playlist Modifier
RA2YR Clean Up
XCC Utilities
RA2 Awesome
Final Alert map editor
Kravvitz' FAQ Page
The Rock Patch
Acid Vat's Generals
Acid Vat's Red Alert 2
Acid Vat's Tiberian Sun


Cannis Games Editing Network
Project Perfect Mod
Savage War