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Shops & Services Secrets
Aside from Hogwarts itself, the shops of the World of Magic are probably the best way for guests to take part in the Harry Potter experience. The shops, markets, and various park services should provide a visual feast for the guests, based on details and descriptions drawn from the books.

Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley

The Apothecary (4) This shop is 1/3 drug store, 1/3 toy store, and 1/3 exploratory science museum. It carries HP merchandise such as troll slime kits and other magic chemistry sets, as well as HP umbrellas, sunglasses, film, disposable cameras, and magic colored sunscreen that disappears into your skin.  A variety of herbal teas should be packaged with magical names like "Dragon Spice Tea" and "Unicorn Chamomile Calming Tea", each with its own collectable miniature dragon or unicorn toy.  The Chinese Herb cabinet is more of an attraction than something that would actually be sold and should be filled with dried herbs, seeds, etc... and labeled in Chinese and with a drawer number. An answer key identifying the contents of each drawer should be posted on the wall.  Another display is the wall of preserved specimens like they have in the Potions classroom at Hogwarts, except that here, an answer key posted nearby would identify the specimens.  There should also be a table of dried specimens that guests can actually touch and study, including starfish, coral and other marine animals, various animal bones and teeth, and a selection of fossils.  Finally, there should be a scent discovery table (with posted answer key) with flasks filled with samples of good smelling and stinky scents such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, vanilla, clove, myrrh, frankincense, sulfur, ammonia, vinegar, etc...

Borgin & Burkes (24) This shop would sell goth and hippie stuff that would appeal to teenagers.  The ambiance should be a little creepy, with a skull in the window, and the music should alternate between Heavy Metal and Fugues in minor keys played on an organ.

Cauldrons & Candles (13) This shop is the antithesis to Borgin & Burkes.  Here, music varies between New Age and soothing sounds like white water or bird calls. The shop should be clean, bright, and smell good, and the staff should be very helpful and polite. A closed-in window next to the back entrance should be used to display some of their less wholesome looking items, however, and spookier merchandise could be stored behind a shelf or some display, effectively breaking the store up into its larger New Age section and a small Gothic section at the back.

Eyelops Owl Emporium (12) A good selection of all kinds of owls should be displayed in the windows and sold up front.  The rest of this huge shop would be filled with computer terminals and the message center counter.
Fantasyland Fashions (7) This shop should be decorated like a castle, with each dressing stall painted and decorated in a particular fantasy style (Boys: knight, wizard, Viking, etc...; Girls: princess, fairy, dancer, etc...). One wall of the shop might be covered with mirrors of different sizes and makes. Both costumes and real (but fanciful) clothing would be sold.

Flourish & Blotts (11) This megastore is a cross between Barnes and Noble and a stationery shop.  In addition to Harry Potter merchandise, other fantasy material would be sold. There should be a recording booth where guests can record their voice against background music (karaoke style) for a small price, as well.  If J. K. Rowling can't make it for book signings, then perhaps some of the characters could stop by to sign autographs on weekends. Other fantasy authors can visit occasionally, too.

Gambol & Japes Wizarding Joke Shop (10) Part magic supply shop, part practical joke shop.

Gilderoy Lockhart's Beauty Salon (15) Photos of Lockhart should be hung everywhere and should be featured on the merchandise.  This could be a real beauty salon, but it mostly specializes in hair braiding, nails and body art painting. Lockhart's products should be well-made and packaged exotically.

Gringotts' Mint (18) Coins (real & pretend) and coin jewelry sold by goblins (and a few humans), of course.

Herb and Crystal's (25) Another New Age shop focusing on jewelry, aromatherapy, "soft" magic supplies and home items using dried herbs and crystals.

Knockturn Alley Tattoos (21) No real tattoos here, just body art paint and stick-on tattoos, but the employees should be a little rougher than your average body paint artist.  Artists with lots of scary tattoos (real or otherwise) and piercings would be fun.

Magical Menagerie (5) A huge stuffed animal shop and animal toy shop featuring all the H P creatures as well as popular brands like Beanie Babies.  A variety of magical clothing and accessories for real and stuffed animal friends also sold here.  Human clothing with animal themes also sold.

Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions (14) A costume and clothing shop for adults with a wide variety of fantasy clothing, especially wizards and witches apparel. These are well-made costumes, capes, leggings, hats, etc... in fine fabrics, some of which might even be worn by renaissance faire regulars.

Ollivanders Makers of Fine Wands (6) The "do-it-yourself" corner would include a few bins of cheap plastic wands for kids or those in a hurry and a small selection of nicer wooden wands.  Another corner would feature beautiful hand carved wooden wizard's staffs, kaleidoscopes, frames, and other wooden objects.  But there should also be an actor playing the part of Ollivander who helps students shop for their wand.  He could also have a few assistants on hand to help. A good way to create the illusion of a store filled with boxes of wands would be to have trompe l'oeil paintings along the walls picturing rows of small boxes.  Then, on the main wall, there should be some sort of cabinet with lots of little cubby holes, each containing a wicker or wooden box in which wands of a certain type are kept.  When Ollivander determines which wand would be appropriate (after taking various measurements), he could pull a wand out of one or two boxes for the student to test.  (The student doesn't need to know that the box is actually full of wands that are all exactly the same.)  Ollivander should have some sort of system of categorization, starting with the smallest wands on the bottom rows and the longest at the top, with lighter colored woods on the left and darker woods on the right, for example.  For smaller children, he would of course choose a smaller wand.  Then perhaps he would use lighter colored woods for blondes, darker colored woods for brunettes, etc...  The student would be told what was inside the wand (phoenix tail feather, unicorn hair, etc...) but what would really be inside would be two AAA batteries and a tiny light bulb. After trying one or two wands, Ollivander or an assistant would hand the student his final wand, flipping the light switch to "on" just as he hands it to him.  A colored piece of plastic (red, green, purple, or blue) and a "blinking" switch (as opposed to fully "on") would give a better illusion of magic sparks.

The Sorcerer's Stone (23) This shop should sell everything from small pouches of colored agate and droplets of glass to large mineral and semi-precious gem specimens. The shop itself should be painted with scenes from Harry's voyage through the trapdoor in search of the sorcerer's stone.

Talismans & Trinkets (8) Power beads, protective amulets, tranquility stones and other jewelry and trinkets for those who believe in good luck or just think they're fun. The shop is less New Age than Cauldrons & Candles and should feel more like an antique shop or an import shop, with goods jumbled in baskets, crates and cauldrons in every corner.

Quality Quidditch Supplies (9) Posters of Viktor Krum on a Nimbus 2000 or the Chudley Cannons wearing winged tennis shoes should give this store a slightly quirky feeling, but the sports equipment is real (although none of it flies.)

Warner Brothers Studio Store (16) Like the large WB store at 6 Flags, offering WB character products.

Muggle Land

Caricatures (122) Caricature artists paint guests flying on broomsticks or mixing potions.

Flourish & Blotts (11) The part of the store close to the Muggle entrance would have fewer "magic" items.

Her Majesty's Royal Post Office (129) The post office clerks here should pretend never to have heard of a message delivered by owl and then bring in a scroll and say, half in shock, that it had indeed been delivered by an owl anyway.

London Phones (105) Real phones for real phone calls and photos.

London Souvenirs (123) All the stuff guests would want to buy if they were in London.  A panoramic view of London painted on one wall and salespeople who speak with a British accent should help create the atmosphere of London.

Photo Finish (124) This is one of those places where they superimpose your photo onto a preselected scene. Real film and disposable cameras could also be sold.

The Scotch Shoppe (128) Scottish goods with an emphasis on tartans. Scottish and Celtic music should be played inside except during Highland Fling performances. Salespeople should wear at least one item of tartan clothing and could pretend to be from a certain clan. Staff should have some basic training in Scottish tartan recognition and fitting. Other clan merchandise might include coats of arms, clasps, and leather purses.


The Daily Prophet (33) This is one of those places that has a set "newspaper" format and that inserts your photo into a spot on the cover.  The shop should be capable of taking photos for use in the newspaper or using photos the guest has already taken elsewhere in the park.  A color magazine cover operation (similar to the one at Photo Finish) featuring magazines such as Charms and Potions Review and Witches' Day could also be housed here, as neither take up much room.

Dervish & Banges (36) A magic equipment and supply store with additional "educational" merchandise such as mini planetariums, telescopes, spyscopes, binoculars, glow-in-the-dark watches and holograms.

Divination Den (34) It's best if people with experience in telling fortunes, each specializing in his or her own method, run this place. There should be a few nice decorative touches such as Victorian lamps, velvet curtains and strings of beads separating the shop from the fortune telling booths, vases of peacock feathers and lots of scarves and incense.

Fleur's Salon de Beauté (38) French music, French café chairs, trompe l'oeil paintings of Paris, and at least one sales girl who speaks with a French accent are crucial to setting up the right ambiance.

H P Photo Central (30) Another place where you have your photo superimposed onto a preselected scene, except that all these scenes are more directly associated with Harry and Hogwarts.  Also, there should be times of the day when you can come have your picture made with a "real" Harry or Dumbledore (an actor, that is), perhaps by appointment.  This is also where Season's Pass photos are made using a camera that superimposes a picture of a magic hat onto your head in your photo.  Season's Pass holders should be allowed to choose membership in a particular house if they wish, or they can decide to leave it up to chance and wait until they get their card to find out which house they've been sorted into.

Owl Post Service Outpost (32) More computer terminals and the requisite message pickup counter.

Package Pickup (31) The staff here should consist of runners who pick up items from shops who place an electronic request for a pickup when a guest buys and item that is large enough (or expensive enough.)  The guest should be given a pickup ticket by the shop (who keeps tickets on hand) and should fill out a claim form that is attached to the package. Remaining staff members organize and store packages and retrieve them when the owner comes in to claim them (signature required, of course.)

Zonko's Joke Shop (45) More or less like Gambol & Japes. Someone should perform magic tricks at the door on a regular basis to entice customers to enter.

Godric's Hollow

The Cat's Hats (90) A huge selection of hats, some of which guests can embroider their name on. Popular styles would include sorcerer's hats, Hogwarts baseball caps, "cat in the hat" hats, mini umbrella hats, etc...

The Chess King (88) A black and white checkerboard floor is a must.

Gryffindor Glassworks (89) A real artisan should run this place.

The Lion's Den (86) Another shop to get body paint art done, but this one should be decorated with Gryffindor symbols.

London Phones (105) Real phones for real phone calls, although many people may just want to take their picture here.

Owl Post Service Outpost (102) More computer terminals and another message delivery counter.

The Potter's Wheel (93) A real artisan turns out handmade goblets, flower pots and other pottery.

The Forbidden Forest

The Creature Shop (54) This shop is similar to Build-A-Bear Workshop stores, except that there are dragons, lions, snakes, unicorns, eagles, badgers and other magical beasts instead of teddy bears. You can buy pre-recorded sounds, messages, and music to put inside your animal (lion's roar, snake's hiss, horse's neigh, house slogans, "Hedwig's Theme" and other music from the movies, etc...) or you can record your own.
Feathers and Fur (52) This clothing store sells both costumes and serious (but unusual) clothing.

Hogwarts School and Grounds
See Hogwarts Secrets for additional notes.

Gryffindor House Store (76, Gryffindor Tower - Third Floor) Gryffindor, Hogwarts and HP merchandise and decor.

Hufflepuff House Store (76, Hufflepuff Tower - Third Floor) Hufflepuff, Hogwarts and HP merchandise and decor.

The Library (76, Fourth Floor) A small bookshop lies at the front of the library. Behind this, there is the story time section and the trompe l'oeil bookshelves, including the Reserve section.

Lost Muggles (66) For lost children who are led here if their parents are not located promptly. Free HP busy bags consisting of a coloring kit, stickers, and coupons for free Honeydukes candy should be given to lost children. Children who are carrying their season's pass with or on them could have a system e-mail sent to the parents to facilitate finding them.

Owl Post Service Headquarters (76, Third Floor) In addition to the computer terminals and message pickup counter, there should be lots of mechanical and painted owls hanging around.

Ravenclaw House Store (76, Ravenclaw Tower - Second Floor) Ravenclaw, Hogwarts and HP merchandise and decor.

Slytherin House Store (76, Slytherin Tower - Second Floor) Slytherin, Hogwarts and HP merchandise and decor.

Dining Secrets

In addition to providing great meals at reasonable prices, the restaurants, cafés, food shops and stands of the World of Magic should heighten the guest's experience by providing lots of Potteresque details.

Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley

Café Beauxbatons (27) Patrons see the pastry counter lined with scrumptious petits gateaux, smell the fresh breads arranged in paniers, and hear pans bubbling over a grill as they move forward in the cafeteria line. Hopefully La Madeleine will sponsor and run this place, adding a twist of magic to their signature French country menu and ambiance by placing an occasional broomstick, black cauldron, or drawing of a chat noir among the French antiques, brick chimney, wood beamed ceilings and tiled walls.  It would be nice if at least some of the employees knew a little French, too. On Mardi Gras and Bastille Day, there should be special events here featuring entertainment and souvenirs, for which reservations might be made.

Durmstrang Diner (28) The atmosphere should be something like Oktoberfest, with long tables lined up end to end, beer served in tankards by busty barmaids, and the guys behind the counter dressed in lederhosen and a feathered cap. Food here is ordered at the counter but delivered by barmaids who also bring additional rounds of beer or soft drinks to your table. Special entertainment and souvenirs should be provided her during Oktoberfest, with advance reservations being welcome/required.

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor (3) Bright pastel walls, a checked floor, wrought iron chairs, and trompe l'oeil paintings of a gingerbread house, a lollipop forest, and ice cream mountains make Florean Fortescue's seem like Candy Land or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory come to life.  Even the serving line counter should be fanciful, and the ice cream flavors, toppings, and sundaes should be imaginative and brightly colored.  On the Diagon Alley side of the store, there should be additional touches of fantasy such as a gurgling fountain lined with different colored tiles, each inscribed with the initial of one of Hogwarts' four houses, so that pennies that are thrown in land on a certain house.

Gothic Gyros (26) A truly gothic atmosphere, including gothic windows, crimson velvet chair coverings and curtains, gray stone walls, ornate mirrors, a giant chandelier, candelabras, black candles, and ornately carved furniture should be complemented by a music mix similar to that of Borgin & Burkes. Instead of a cafeteria line, food will be ordered at the counter and guests will be given a wooden block carved with a symbol instead of a number. When your food is ready, you'll hear the sound of thunder followed by someone calling out your symbol (for example: "tombstone," "crescent moon," "eye of Horus," "serpent's head," or "clawed hand").  Employees might sport velvet capes, pasty makeup, black lip stick and unusual hairstyles. Tattoos and body piercings also welcome. Former "hot topic" employees would do well here.

Leaky Cauldron (2) The idea here is to have a roof over the entire area, with a huge walkway leading through the middle from the Entry Plaza into Diagon Alley. On either side of the walkway there would be pub tables and booths. And in one corner, there would be a bar where beer, ale and other beverages are sold. In the corner on the other side of the walkway would be a little cafeteria where pub food and various soups and stews in bread bowls are sold (along with non-alcoholic beverages).  Since the pub is basically open on two sides, the temperature would have to be regulated largely by means of ceiling fans and a fireplace on either side. The kitchen could have air conditioning and heating, however. The front entry would have doors, but they would have to be kept propped open. The wall leading to Diagon Alley would consist of bricks that suddenly stop, in a somewhat jagged fashion, as if an opening had just appeared. Another alternative would be to have sliding doors that open automatically, or to have strips of material hanging from the ceiling and painted to resemble bricks but which could be easily pushed aside in order to enter the alley. Ideally, some sort of giant brick hologram would be cast onto the open area. Costumed employees (especially Hagrid and various witches and wizards) could be encouraged to come here for lunch breaks or after their shift ends (by means of an employee discount) in order to provide the place with the right atmosphere.

Potent Potions (20) The facade of this building should appear somewhat run down, with a serving window for those who don't wish to enter (or who are too young to do so), and a door for those who do and are 21 or over. Inside there would be a small pub where Scabbers might occasional take refuge. There should also be an employee exit behind the bar not only so that employees could easily travel from Diagon Alley to the Forbidden Forest but also so You-Know-Who could disappear after short visits to Knockturn Alley. The decor here should look something like a drug free version of an opium den, with low, cushioned benches against the walls, ornately carved tables, brass serving trays, beads hanging in the doorway, hookahs, soothing Indian or Chinese music alternating with Ambient music, paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and screens separating the space into three or four more intimate sections.

Sinful Sweets (19) Like Potent Potions, the facade consists of both a serving window and a door for those who wish to enter. But rather than appearing rundown, the interior and exterior should be painted with scenes of various tempting fantasies, such as Venus rising out of the ocean on a clam shell surrounded by sweets born by porpoises, a beautiful witch offering a shiny apple from her ringed hand, a mermaid sunning herself on a rock and holding a morsel of some treat to her lips, a muscular Poseidon with a pastry speared on his trident, Michelangelo's Adam extending a hand skyward not to God but towards a fluffy white confection in the sky, and a devilishly handsome wizard holding out a piece of cake upon which are written the words "Eat me" like in Alice in Wonderland. In addition to the cakes, brownies and cookies sold at the window, there should be beautiful packages of goodies that can be purchased at the cash register inside. In other words, this shop sells not just sweets but delicious packaged fantasies.

Muggle Land

Aunt Petunia's Beverages (112) A non-alcoholic beverage stand near the Terror at the Tower and the Thames Twister so those who have to wait in a long line can get something cool to drink while they wait.

Baron of Burgers (121) This shop has both a window for those who want to dine outside and a door for those who prefer to eat inside in the air conditioned or heated restaurant. The service here must be fast, as this sort of restaurant would only be a serious option for those with children who need food in a hurry. A clean, cheerful decor which appeals to children is a must.

Curry Kitchen (115) A proper Indian restaurant with Indian music and decorations. The food consists both of traditional Indian fare such as Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken and curried vegetables which are served buffet style or a la carte by real waiters, and Indian "fast food" such as Samosas which are served in disposable containers at the take-away window built into the facade for those who don't care to dine in.

Dudley's Sausage Shack (111) A food stand for those who want a quick meal or snack.

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor (3) The Muggle side of this ice cream parlor offers many (but not all) of the same treats you get on the Magic side, minus the Magic names and cauldron serving bowls. Guests cannot pass through from one side of the other as the store is divided into two sections, with serving counters on either side of the internal wall and connected only by the storage area.

The Fortune Cookie (116) Authentic Chinese food (like Dim Sum) and less authentic American favorites (like fortune cookies with magical fortunes or "sorting hat" house names inside).  Food can be ordered, paid for and served at the cafeteria style counter, but other than that, the décor is very upscale. A constantly revolving dim sum counter should surround the bar, with different colored plates indicating the price of each item. Fortune cookies and spring rolls are available at the small take-away window built into the facade.

I Scream, You Scream (107) This ice cream parlor has a  take-away window for easy carry-out service and a door for diners who want to cool down inside. Treats here are easier to carry than those prepared at Florean Fortescue's. The decor might consist of photographs of guests screaming as they ride the Tower at the Terror or other roller coasters.

London Square Café tables fitted with parasols dot this square, except right up against Nelson's column and in front of Punch and Judy, where there are benches instead.

Muggle Sweets (127) This shop should feature candies from around the world displayed attractively. This shop and the Scotch Shoppe adjoin via a doorway cut between their shared wall towards the back.

Pizza Palace (126) A pizza parlor with Warner Brothers cartoons and characters, waiters dressed like court jesters, cardboard crowns for all children, and kiddy games that operate on tokens (the same as the ones handed out at the Game Gallery).

Tea Time (125) A large variety of teas are served here and are available for purchase.  Also, dainty sandwiches, salads, soups and scones are also served by waiters at your table. The décor might be sort of retro looking, with aproned ladies serving tea. A "Madhatter" type character might distribute tea samples to people in the square.

Uncle Vernon's Fish and Chips (110) A traditional food stand for guests who want to dine in London Square or snack while in line for the Terror at the Tower or the Thames Twister.


Crêpes Stand (40) Like the crêpe stands one finds in France, this little stand consists of a single person who pan fries crêpes on the spot, fills them with ham and cheese or Nutella chocolate hazlenut spread, then folds them up and places them in a wrapper so that guests can eat without making a mess. Hot dogs and ham and cheese or other sandwiches served on French bread should also be available here for those who want to take advantage of the outdoor seating at the picnic pavilion. This sort of shop is invaluable for families with little tikes for no patience for the long lines at Hogwarts' Great Hall or other popular restaurants.

Hog's Head (37) Although this little pub lacks the live entertainment and crackling fireplace of the Three Broomsticks, it does offer pool tables and dart boards for a more adult clientele. Must be 21 to enter.

Honeydukes (44) Candy, candy and more candy displayed in barrels, cauldrons, crates and on brass plates make Honeydukes a visual feast. Free samples of several flavors Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans should be handed out at certain times of the day, and guests should be encouraged to guess what flavor it is. The solutions could be posted somewhere at the back of the store in order to encourage guests to come inside.

Picnic Pavilion (29) There should be both long picnic tables for large groups as well as plenty of individual café tables for families and individuals. The Picnic Pavilion is ideally located close to Café Beauxbatons, the Crêpes Stand, Durmstrang Diner, Gothic Gyros, the Leaky Cauldron and a large Men's and Women's restroom. Large groups should be able to reserve up to 80% of the picnic tables for an hour (but not between the hours of 12 noon to 1:30pm) if they make a request in advance.

Three Broomsticks (35) Though this pub is large, it has a warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to the centrally located fireplace, wooden floors and furniture, and lively entertainment in the evenings. The front doors should be kept propped open when the weather is nice.

Godric's Hollow and Environs

Ice Cream Igloo (95) It can get hot in the summer time while watching a match at McGonagall's Chess Board, so this nearby ice cream parlor sells ice cream at the counter inside or at the take-away window.  It should be shaped like an igloo, with paintings of polar bears and glaciers on the walls inside. Each year after Halloween when the park gears up for Christmas mode, mechanical elves could be stationed outside.

Pickles, Popcorn and Pretzels (91) This stand caters especially to guests heading towards the Harry Potter Live! theater. Bottled water or polyjuice potion should also be sold here.

Potable Potions (98) Hot and cold drinks for those heading towards McGonagall's Chess Board or Godric's Pass.

The Forbidden Forest

The Chocolate Shop (53) Every bit as enticing as Honeyduke's, this shop should have a huge selection of chocolates, including a truffle and fudge counter, packaged chocolate treats in all shapes and sizes, and a bar with swiveling stools where hot chocolate and white chocolate milk shakes are served.

Hogwarts School and Grounds

The Great Hall (76) This should be as impressive to guests as it was to Harry.  The massive wooden doors leading from the Entry Hall should remain open except during the Sorting Ceremonies. Wooden tables should be placed in eight long rows, with one of the four House banners centered between each of the pairs of tables closest to the professors' dais.  Tall leaded glass gothic windows should pierce the exterior stone wall, with stained glass motifs (including House mascots and Hogwarts symbols) near the top of each one. The huge stone fireplace should be flanked by paintings of former masters, each with moving parts such as eyes that wink, books whose pages turn, or lamp lights that flicker. The ceiling, which is two stories above, should be decorated with an fiber-optic starscape like the one that have at the Rain Forest Café, only much bigger. The floor is a large black and white check pattern. The café line is recessed and somewhat hidden behind the fireplace wall, and all food should be served on paper plates and cups that are gold colored. Gold plastic goblets should also come with the largest size drinks. The professor's dais should be stone, with a row of ornately carved wooden tables and chairs, all facing towards the hall. Wooden beams and a velvet curtain should separate it from the rest of the hall, with steps leading up on either side. A door at the back of the dais provides access for the professors and servers. Although the kitchen elves will not be serving in the cafeteria line, there should be plenty on hand during mealtimes to assist with birthday parties, perform their official kitchen elves' dance, and to shake hands and show off their socks to children who are dining in the hall. Actors who play the elves should be on the short side and would acquire their elfish look thanks to makeup and clothing.

Hagrid's Hut (62) The main attraction here is Hagrid himself, who should be on hand for at least three hours each day. When he is not in, a note on his door should read something like "Sorry, I'm out at the moment. Be back at 2:45." His hut should be decorated simply, with a large fireplace and his pink umbrella prominently displayed next to the chimney. Free samples of tea should be served in small disposable cups out of a real teapot by an assistant while Hagrid shakes hands and invites people in for a spot of tea.  His table should be huge, with benches all around.  There could also be several armchairs next to the fire. When his hour is up, Hagrid can excuse himself by saying he has to get over to the Magical Creatures Theater or Hogwarts Parade (although a different actor might actually be hosting the Magical Creatures Theater), then the assistant would be left behind to shoo everyone away and clean up.

Potable Potions (65) A beverage stand on the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

Hogwarts Secrets

General Notes
    Hogwarts is a seven story castle (five stories plus a sixth story observatory tower and dungeons in the basement) with five large towers (one for each house, as well as the observatory tower) and several small ones (just for looks). It is built on top of a hill next to a large lake, which makes access somewhat difficult unless you know what to do. It has eleven staircases (including two grand staircases and nine winding staircases), three elevators, over two dozen classrooms of different sizes (to be used for classes, private parties and employee training sessions), numerous corridors and passages, House common rooms and dormitories, House shops, a two-story Great Hall and Entry Hall, a library / bookstore, an armory / trophy room, five or six fireplaces, and lots and lots of doors.  None of the staircases or elevators lead all the way from the Dungeons to the Sixth Floor, although several cover much of that distance. We like the fact that guests have to switch from one staircase or elevator to another if they plan on traveling from the dungeons to the top of the towers. And the layout of the castle is intentionally labyrinthine to give guests the impression that they are lost in a large maze, as Hogwarts so often feels to Harry.
    We also think it's important that there be lots of doors: small doors, large doors, double doors, false doors, doors hidden behind tapestries, doors hidden behind paintings, doors requiring passwords, doors requiring keys, doors that appear to be part of a wall, arched doors, rectangular doors, golden doors, trapdoors, forbidden doors, doors with barred windows, doors with glass windows, doors with stained glass windows, doors that are correctly labeled, doors that are incorrectly labeled, doors that aren't labeled at all, doors within doors, doors leading to classrooms, doors leading to corridors, doors leading nowhere, doors that lead outside, false doors in exterior walls that appear to lead to a six foot drop, doors that are kept propped open, and doors that are always locked. The use of lots of doors give the illusion that the castle is much larger, or at least much more complicated, than it really is.  For example, on the first floor, there is no real room that is specified as being McGonagall's study, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be a false door, or perhaps a door that actually leads to the Kitchens, that could have a small stained glass window and a brass door plate that reads "Professor McGonagall, Head Mistress" as well as a small wooden sign hanging from the door that reads "Professor McGonagall is not in."  And rather than using numbers to designate various classrooms, symbols might be used in some cases.  Thus, the brass plate hanging over the Potions classroom in the dungeons would show a cauldron rather than a room number, and the Charms classroom might be labeled with a wand.  Other rooms might be identified by a star (astronomy tower), goblet (Great Hall), book (library), owl (Owl Post Service Hdqtrs), cat (Filch's Office), etc..., and some might not be labeled at all.

First Floor
Entrance Hall - This room extends two floors up in order to enhance its majestic proportions.  The staircases leading up and down are quite wide and should be made of marble. The main elevator should be very large. The walls should be stone, with several paintings, tapestries and the Hogwarts banner hanging on the walls.
Great Hall - For a description of the Great Hall, Click here.
First Years' Room - This tiny room should be completely empty.  First Years will be crowded in as McGonagall speaks to them briefly before the Sorting Ceremony.
Moaning Myrtle Tunnel - This large tunnel-shaped slide extends from the First Floor bathrooms to the Chamber of Secrets below.  The area around the tunnel entrance should be tiled as it would be if it were in the girls' restroom.

Second Floor
Ravenclaw House Store - Ravenclaw decor, including a large eagle over the entrance.  Columns inside would not extend to the roof but would have eagles perched on them.
Slytherin House Store - Slytherin decor, including a snake's mouth entrance and floor-to-ceiling columns inside with snakes entwined around them.
Staff Room - A break room for costumed employees (staff), with dressing rooms in back.
Broom Closet - A storage room for employees.
Forbidden Area - An unnamed forbidden area consists of a door marked by a spider symbol and a "Do Not Open" sign. If opened, a giant mechanical black spider descends while mechanical snakes coil and hiss on the floor.  The snakes should hiss, "Shut the door!" until it is closed. The spider ascends as soon as the door is closed, too.

Third Floor
Gryffindor House Store - Gryffindor decor, including a large lion statue on either side of the entrance and lion statues within.
Hufflepuff House Store - Hufflepuff decor, including friendly looking badgers on columns at the entrance & within.
Forbidden Corridor - One of the three forbidden areas in Hogwarts. When guests open the door, a giant three-headed mechanical dog on a track propels itself towards them, barking loudly as he approaches.  He returns to his original resting place once the door is shut.  The room should of course include a wooden "trap door" on the floor. The door should be marked with a 3-headed dog symbol and a "Do Not Open" sign.
Charms Classroom - A classroom lined with wooden desks that seat two people each.
Elf Break Room - A break room for kitchen employees.
Trophy Room - There should be a large amount of trophies, all spray painted gold, in glass cabinets.
Armory - A museum lined with suits of armor and glass cabinets filled with various antique and modern weapons.
Hidden Passageway - This passage links the Charms corridor to the Owl Post Service Headquarters and the Armory, and can be used as a shortcut by employees.  The entrances on either side should be hidden by a tapestry.
Owl Post Service Headquarters - Computer terminals below, a few mechanical owls above, plus the message counter.
One-Eyed Witch Statue - This statue leads to a hidden passage in the HP books, but at the World of Magic, the passage has been "sealed" so it's just a statue.

Fourth Floor
Gryffindor Common Room - Should include three or four computers with no usage fees, a fireplace surrounded by overstuffed chairs and couches, small tables with a chess set and two wooden chairs, a copy of the Daily Prophet, one or two employees wearing a "precept" tag who check house membership & password at the entrance and enforce house rules, Gryffindor banners and tapestries, and two spiral staircases - one leading to the girls' "dormitories" (a restroom for girls only) and one to the boys (for boys only).
Ravenclaw Common Room - Same as Gryffindor Common Room, but with Ravenclaw decor.
Hufflepuff Common Room - Same as Gryffindor Common Room, but with Hufflepuff decor.
Library - A bookstore is up front, a story telling area (with child-sized benches) in the middle, and trompe l'oeil bookshelves in the back.  The very back is a "Reserve" area that is sectioned off by a rope and enforced by a motion sensor alarm.
Hospital Wing - A real nurse treats minor accidents.  Chocolate is given out to guests who've been hurt.
Prefects' Lounge - This is where the weekly parties for real Prefects (i.e., employees dressed as prefectts who are in charge of running the party) and Honorary Prefects (weekly House member winners) are held. For more information on Honorary Prefect parties, Click Here.
Mirror of Erised Room - This "mirror" should be a large screen that combines a camera image of the person in front of it with various computer generated images around the edge (e.g. treasure chests, trophies, vases of roses, gold medals, etc...)
Elf Break Room - A break room for kitchen staff and costumed employees.
Forbidden Area - This unnamed forbidden area next to the spiral staircase by Slytherin tower is marked by a Dementor symbol and a "Do Not Open" sign.  When the door is opened, a mechanical Dementor comes to life, pointing his finger forward and repeating "Shut the door...or else!"

Fifth Floor
Girls' Dormitories - The walls should be painted with trompe l'oeil beds. At the foot of the beds there would be "trunk" seats. There is also a "no usage fee" computer terminal, a snack machine and a beverage machine, a single restroom, and a precept.
Boys' Dormitories - Same as girls' dormitories.
Divination Classroom - Guests should pass through the open trap door as they climb the spiral staircase. A real fireplace, wooden chairs and tables with floral tablecloths, lots of scarves and candles, Trelawney's overstuffed chintz armchair, real teacups and teapots (unbreakable ones for younger children) give this room its cozy ambiance.
Astronomy Tower - This large, open tower should have marble floors and marble spiral staircase, and large windows lining its dome.

Sixth Floor
Observation Gallery - This gallery, accessible via the spiral staircase below, encircles the astronomy tower down inside and out, with two doors leading to the outside observation gallery (which is of course fenced in to keep guests from falling). Large windows between the indoor and outdoor gallery make it possible to view the park even during bad weather, when the outside gallery is shut. Skylights provide a beautiful view of the night sky.

Deathday Party Dungeon - A dungeon-like appearance provides the proper Deathday Party atmosphere. A massive table in the center is used to serve the buffet.  Hidden cameras project ghostly images on the walls.
Potions Classroom - Another dungeon with preserved specimens along one wall. Wooden, marble topped desks seat two and have cauldrons permanently mounted in front of each chair.  Snape's desk should be very ornate, with snakes entwining the legs.  His chair should be very large and stiff.  Guest chairs should also be stiff, but simple and small.
Slytherin Common Room & Dormitories - The entrance appears to be a stone wall which "opens".  The Slytherin common room and dormitories are much the same as those in the other houses except that there is no fireplace and chairs are less cozy.  The girls' and boys' dormitories are accessible by a door rather than a staircase.
Chamber of Secrets - This sunken chamber includes fun house mirrors, giant statues, a stone bed, and an obstacle course.  A giant stone sorting hat lying on its side has a Gryffindor sword (not sharpened) inside which can be drawn out by guests one at a time. (Nice photo opportunity.) A precept should oversee this process, however.  There are two entrances to the chamber (the Moaning Myrtle tunnel slide and the door leading upwards into the dungeons) but obviously only one exit.
Moaning Myrtle Tunnel - The Moaning Myrtle tunnel slide leads from the First Floor bathrooms and ends up with a soft landing in the Chamber of Secrets.

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