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Welcome to the chow hall's menu page.
Hang ya holster's on a peg if you can find a space.
pick what you want just like on my table of contents pages

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Thank you for checking here,
I've removed most my recipes in favor of
the list of foods.
Which shows the c,s,s numbers to you so you can make your own recipes.

c,s,s stands for carbs, sugar, sodium.
it is the 2 grams of sodium a day, and
40 to 60 grams of carbs per meal
with 4 meals a day diet,
that the doctors put you on.

People not on the diet can also eat these meals
and loose some weight.
So What is this C,S,S diet.
click this image to find out

In My Recipe's you will see me use
Oz to measure spices, that is done using
a 1 oz liquid measuring cup.

Roving Cowboy's kids
Grilled Cheese

Roving Cowboy's kids

Roving Cowboy's kids

Roving Cowboy's Beans and Hotdogs.

Roving Cowboy's American Western Burger

Roving Cowboy's
Pasta Rafts

Roving Cowboy's List of C,S,S
Totals in the different Foods


Non Food Content Section.

Take me out to the Ball Game.
bet you can't guess who the ball player is.

cheats for the game
of 1602 anno