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I always carry a deck of cards with me ..
because I am often asked to perform some very unusual card tricks
that give the illusion of mind reading. Having an ESP reputation works
in my favor with regard to my chess games .. over the board and via email.

Here are the secrets to some of my favorite card tricks
many of which I perform without looking or touching the cards:
ANY 9 CARDS .. any chosen card will always be the remaining card.
ANY 18 CARDS .. double the amazing effect of the Any Nine card trick.
NO ESCAPE .. the two remaining cards will be your chosen card and mine.
FLIP FLOP .. 4 face up cards remain face up after countless flipping & flopping.
25-CARD ESP .. precisely name each secretly chosen card of five different spectators.
EACH TWO CARDS MATCH .. match vertical cards horizontally after random choices.
3-CARD ESP .. know the placement of 3 cards after many rearrangements without looking.
6-CARD ESP .. match up two piles of three cards after many rearrangements without looking!

Be sure to return as more card, coin and diagramatic tutorials will be added here soon.
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