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  FLIP FLOP ..  
  Here is a fabulous self working card trick 
  that will amaze everyone including yourself !

 1. Have a spectator remove all four tens or
    any other four same cards from the deck.
 2. Now have the spectator remove 20 random cards from the deck.
 3. Have the spectator insert the 4 tens "face-up" one card at 
    a time any place between the 20 "face-down" random cards. 
    The spectator can carefully shuffle the 24 cards afterwards,
    then have him/her carefully square up the stack.
 4. Now have the spectator "flip-over" the top card on to the table, 
    then simply "flop-down" the next card on top of the first card. 
    He/she continues to "flip-over" and "flop-down" all remaining 22
    cards one card at a time, then carefully squares up the stack of 
    24 cards.
 5. The spectator now has a "free choice" to either "flip-over" or 
   "flop-down" the 24 cards, doing 2 cards at a time. Then he/she
    again carefully squares up the stack.
 6. Now the spectator has a "free choice" to either "flip-over" or 
   "flop-down" the 24 cards, doing 4 cards at a time. Then once more 
    carefully squares up the stack. 
 7. Now the spectator deals the cards as is, 1 card at a time, first 
    to the left, then to the right, left, right, etc to form 2 stacks 
    of cards, 12 cards in each stack.
 8. Have the spectator square up the two stacks of cards and close them
    together just like closing a book.
 9. Have the spectator spread out the cards on the table and ironically, 
    all 4 ten's will be "face-up"; the other 20 cards will be "face-down".
    You are ready to repeat the trick !  
ps: You can perform this trick with 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 etc random cards.
    I prefer 4 tens plus 20 cards.    

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