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 25 card ESP ..
 here is another fabulous self-working card  trick that you can perform on 1 to 5 people  at the same time ! 1. Remove key cards 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 of diamonds from the deck. 2. Then remove any 20 random "face down" cards from the deck. 3. Place the 5 "key" cards "face down" on top of the 20 random cards. 4. Now create 5 stacks of "face down" cards ( 5 cards in each ). Deal the top 5 cards one at a time into a formation like the "5" on dice. 5. Now randomly deal the next 5 cards 1 at a time "face down" on top of the "5" formation to show spectator the cards are getting mixed up. 6. Repeat this three more times until 5 stacks of 5 cards each are formed. 7. Pick up stack 1, shuffle those 5 cards, and show them to the spectator whereby you can't see the cards. Have the spectator secretly choose one card and have him/her jot that card down on a piece paper. 8. Do the same with stacks 2 through 5 with the same spectator or 4 others. 9. Now randomly gather up the 5 "face down" stacks and square up the 25 cards. 10. Deal the top 5 cards 1 at a time "face up" into a random 5 stack formation. 11. Deal the next 5 cards 1 at a time "face up" on top of the first 5 cards in a different random 5 stack formation and do the same with remaining cards. 12. Spread out each of the 5 packs so all 25 cards are visible and ask the 1st spectator to tell you which pile of 5 cards contains his/her chosen card. 13. Now locate the two of diamonds's position and match that position with the spectator's mentioned stack to know exactly which is his/her 1st card. 14. Then do the same with the other 4 key cards ( 4, 6, 8 and 10 of diamonds ) to know which are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chosen cards. Most spectators find the ESP effect to this card trick quite impressive! From e-mail return to magic listing page