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The only questions I took out were the questions which you have to look at certain pictures but they were easy anyway.

Quite a lot of these questions are rather easy, very easy at the beginning but getting a bit harder. Most of them are multiple choice questions, some are true or false and a couple are just questions.

1. Around which Detention Centre is Prisoner set?

A: Whitworth B: Wentworth C: Woolworth

2. Which British TV Series inspired Reg Watson to create Prisoner: Cell Block H?

A: Porridge B: Within These Walls C: Girls On Top

3. What were the first words spoken in the series?

A: She bumped into me B: Watch It

4. What's the name given to the leader of the inmates?

A: Top Dog B: Top Bitch C: Hot Dog

5. Prisoner's theme tune 'On The Inside' was sung by Lyn Paul

True or False

6.Who went her way through over 30 episodes declaring 'I didn't kill my nana, I'm innocent'?

A: Jenny Bradley B: Jenny Hartley C: Hartley Hare

7. What prestigious Australian TV award was given to Prisoner in 1981?

A: Hagie B: Logi C: Yagi

8. In episode 57, who is revealed as ''Mrs Big'', Queen of the Underworld?

A: Antonia McNally B: Glenys Buchanan C: Ralova Dathugs

9. Who played governor Ann Reynolds?

10. When Vera Bennett left to become governor of Barnhurst, 'Mouse' gave her a pet mouse as a leaving present?

True or False

11. What World Record did the women break to raise money for death children?

A: Ironing Shirts B: Waltzing

12. Who said '' I've got this little clock inside my head, it goes tick tick tick tick, never stopping, never stopping?

A: Anne Griffin B: Kate Peterson C: Angel Adams

13. Who black mailed The Freak into organizing an escape by threatening a kid she knew?

A: Sonia Stevens B: Ruth Ballenger C: Marie Winter

14. Early on in prisoner, Bea and Chrissie grab Margo from behind to get her to confess, but confess to what?

A: Starting a fire B: Stealing a radio

15. Lainie Dobson tried to remove her tatoos using caustic soda?

True or False

16. Which officer did Lou Kelly try to kill with a home made Gun?

A: Joan Ferguson B: Len Murphy C: Joyce Barry

17. Which Australian TV channel commissioned 'Prisoner'?

A. ABC B: Network 10 C. Channel 9

18. With whom did Scott Collins fall in love?

A: Karen Travers B: Petra Roberts C: Greg Miller

19.What crime did Lizzy commit to make her an inmate at Wentworth?

A: Stole from her employer. B: Poisoned Sheep-Shearers

20. In the episode where Kathy Hall is run over, a stunt dummy was used, and the arm of the dummy is seen to fly off.

True or False

21. Who hypnotised Cass Parker into killing a fellow inmate?

A: Peter Clements B: Jonathan Edmonds C: Bill Jackson

22. Which dizzy girl barely said a word except for ''Naughty, Naughty and ''Hi-De-Hi''?

A: Sindy Box B: Barbie Cox C: Goldie Lox

23. Who was the only main character left in the series after 5 years?

A: Meg Morris B: Vera Bennett

24. What was Judy Bryant's occupation before she arrived at Wentworth?

A: Taxi Driver B: Hair Dresser C: Tax Inspector

25. In episode two, Val Lehman's real - life daughter, Joanne, played her on screen daughter.

True or False

26. How many episodes were made in total?

A: 692 B: 682 C: 672

27. Which of the following prisoner stars also appeared in the early years of 'Brookside'

A: Nigel Bradshaw B: Terry Donavon C: George Mallaby

28. Which main character was killed during the terrorist siege to get Ruth Ballinger out of Wentworth?

29. Sharon Smart became involved with a religious cult called 'The Children Of Global Light'

True or False

30.Which of the following nicknames was not given to Sonia Stevens.

A: Ice Lady B: Weasel C: SS

31.In return for drugs what did Brenda Hewitt supply the Fellows Gang?

A: Forged Driving Licenses B: Laundered Money C: Prostitutes

32. At Wentworth, what word was used to denote 'a seeing to' ?

33. In which area of Melbourne are the Channel Ten studios located?

A: Nunawalking B: Nunawading C: Nunasinging

34. Maxine Klibinagatis, who played Robbie Mitchell, also played Paul Robinson's jailbird wife in Neighbours

True or False

35. Which of the following did not appear in the Australian stage production of 'Beauty and the Beast'

A: Michael Cormick B: Helen Noonan C: Wayne Jarratt

36. At which prison did Joan Ferguson work before she arrived at Wentworth?

A: Barnhurst B: Woodbridge C: Bognor Road

37. The character Lizzie Birdsworth murdered 4 nuns at her school when they kept her in detention.

True or False

38. Which prisoner did Mel Gibson once describe as ''A hell of a dame'' ?

A: Val Lehman B: Patsy King C: Sheila Florance

39. With what did evil Ernest Craven attack Rita Connors?

A: A letter opener B: A Crossbow

40. Throughout the series how many inmates were featured on mug shots in the opening titles?

A: 25 B: 27 C: 29

41. What were the names of the two prison guard dogs?

A: Blitz and Amber B: Samson and Delilah C: Maggie and Edwina

42. How many episodes was prisoner originally scheduled to run for?

A: 12 B: 14 C: 16

43. Which of the following did Rita Connors use to smuggle drugs into Wentworth

A: Tea Bags B: Remote Controlled Car C: Carrier Pigeon

44. Which of the following actresses is the nieve of Olivia Newton-John?

A: Paula Duncan B: Rosanne Hult-Brown C: Tottie Goldsmith

45. What was Doreen Anderson's habit?

A: Sucking her thumb B: Biting her nails

46. Inmate Ellen Farmer was really a man called Allan Farmer who was mistaken for a woman

True or False

47. Which prisoner christened officer Vera Bennett with the nickname ''Vinegar'' ?

A: Franky Doyle B: Ros Coulson C: Lizzie Birdsworth

48. She played Bev Baker in Prisoner and Dorothy Burke in Neighbours, who is she?

A: Carole Skinner B: Elspeth Ballentyne C: Maggie Dence

49. Lizzie was falsely charged with the murder of whom?

A: Kay White B: Karen Black C: Katharine Grey

50. In which year did Central Television first screen Prisoner in Britain?

A: 1985 B: 1987 C: 1989

51. When 'Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical' opened in 1995, Lily Savage played the role of 'Fonda Boyz' 

True or False

52. What did Lizzie leave Bea in her will?

A: A golden locket B: Her red cardigan C: An embroidered purse

53. What's the name of the elderly spinster who sheltered Doreen and Frankie while they were on the run?

A: Miss McBride B: Miss McTaggart

54. In the US, Prisoner was only beaten in its time slot by which programme?

A: Charlie's Angels B: Starsky and Hutch C: The Bionic Woman

55. The 'Great fire of Wentworth' began in episode 352

True or False

56. How many top dogs were seen throughout the series?

A: 23 B: 21 C: 19

57. Who told the press '' There's a screw here trying to poison us, her name is Joan Ferguson''

A: Judy Bryant B: Bea Smith C: Doreen Anderson

58. Where does Karen Travers meet Melinda Crosse?

A: In prison B: At the halfway house C: At University

59. When it hit the UK Charts in 1989, what position did Lynne Hamilton reach with Prisoners theme song?

A: Number 3 B: Number 5 C: Number 7

60. When Joan Ferguson was based at Bognor Road Jail she was known as ''The Beast''

True or False

61. Which prisoner originally appeared in 'Crossroads' and 'Randall and Hopkirk Diseased' ?

A: Olivia Hamnett B: Annette Andre C: Fiona Spence

62. When Connors arrived at Wentworth what were the names of the gang she arrived with?

A: The Warriors B: The Conquers C: The Invaders

63. Which actress had previously starred as Tanya Livingstone in 'The Young Doctors' ?

A: Peta Toppano B: Kylie Foster C: Judy McBurney

64. At the peak of its success, the producers tried a male version of Prisoner under what title?

A: Men behind bars B: Punishment C: Under a screw

65. Australians longest serving female Prisoner, murderess Sandra Wilson acted as a series advisor

True or False

66. How was psychopathic officer, David Bridges killed by Cass Parker?

A: Beheaded with an axe B: Stabbed with a pen knife

67. What was the name of the electrical firm that Eddie Cooke worked for?

A: Walker's Electrical B: Wilkins Electrical C: Pluggit and Sockett 

68. Which of the following was not an officer?

A: Joyce Barry B: Heather Rodgers C: Daphne Graham

69. A spin off series was planned by the production company. What was it called?

A: Barnhurst B: On the outside C: Freaky Women

70. Neighbours stars Anne Charteston and Ian Smith both appeared in prisoner as man and wife

True or False

71. Why was Jenny Hartley inside Wentworth?

A: Falsely accused of murder B: Charged with prostitution

72. What was the title of the American remake of Prisoner?

A: Caged women B: Dangerous women

73. Who was the first woman to be released on work release?

A: Karen Travers B: Doreen Anderson C: Lynn Warner

74. Joan Ferguson is seen driving a car months before taking her first driving lesson.

True or False

75. What emergency operation did Bea over go?

A: Kidney Transplant B: Liver Transplant

76. Disguised as an inmate, who was sent into the prison as a spy by the Department to collect information?

A: Sheila Brady B: Denise Crabtree C: Jill Clark

77. To which block was Minnie Donovan transferred to?

A: B Block B: D Block

78. Which prisoner was convicted during World War Two?

A: Eittie Parslow B: Dot Farrah C: Minnie Donovon

79. The theme tune 'On the inside' was featured in all but one of 692 episodes? 

True or False

80. Which rank in the army did Joan Ferguson's father reach?

A: Lt. Colonel B: Colonel C: Major

81. What became of the cat that Lizzie adopted?

A: It ran away B: She poisoned it

82. What was the name of Rita Connors boyfriend?

A: Bongo B: Slasher C: Grub

83. In episode one who had her hand steam pressed?

A: Lynn Warner B: Karen Travers

84. An actor from the series was slightly injured whilst taking part in a real security van hijack

True or False

85. Where did Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical end its 1997 tour?

A: Leeds B: Liverpool C: Manchester

86. Which song was written by Judy Bryant?

87. What's the nickname for the deputy governor Jim Fletcher?

A: The Letch B: The Roach C: The Leech

88. The dog 'Bouncer' from Neighbours also appeared in Prisoner as a stray dog in episode 653.

True or False

89. Which prisoner actress went on to direct the mini-series 'Stark' ?

A: Nadia Tass B: Louise Le Nay C: Belinda Davey

90. What was title was given to Prisoner in Canada?

91. What name did Chrissie Latham give her baby?

92. A star of Neighbours and Prisoner, actress Fiona Clarke is a qualified fire eater.

True or False

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