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   Prisoner: Cell Block H is a powerful, unique drama serial based around the inmates and staff of the Wentworth Detention Centre. It explores the lives of women in prison, their crimes and their struggle to come to terms with their demeaning experience.
The serial is charged with emotion as women from all walks of life are suddenly faced with the harsh realities of life in a prison cell. The women not only find themselves at odds with the prison authorities but also with other prisoners. In a sterile world without warmth, some struggle for power, others search for love and companionship... raw, intense emotion threatens the fragile stability of the isolated community.
The serial tells of what brings women to prison, how they adapt to prison life and their attempts to re-adjust to society when they are released. There are many individual stories... the prison wardress who never married because she is committed to caring for her invalid mother; the uneducated lesbian prisoner trapped by her illiteracy; the pregnant woman whose religion prevents her from having the abortion her husband demands.
With hate and frustration always boiling below the surface, violent and disturbing emotions make Prisoner - Cell Block H a powerful and unforgettable television experience. It is also the story of their keepers those entrusted with the control of the inmates of Wentworth. Their personal lives are realistically depicted. Prisoner - Cell Block H is a dramatic, exciting and engrossing television serial from Grundy Television.
692 episodes of 48 minutes each

Created by:
Reg Watson

Executive producers:
Ian Bradley
John McRae
Maruie Trevor

Graeme Arthur
Rod Hardy
Brian McDuffie
Gary Conway

Reg Watson
Denise Morgan
Michael Brindley
Ian Bradley