This website was first made on the 2nd of April 2001. It was first built with one of those crappy online page builders and I only had 10mb of space, so I decided to move to a better host. Then I remade the site using HTML and Microsoft Office 2000 programs. After I had remade it, allot of people on the same host as me experienced problems with there website's and we had to wait a few months for them to fix the problem, so my site could no longer be updated and I couldn't get onto the site to put a notice up to say I couldn't update for awhile. Now I'm back! The site is back! And I've had lots of time to rest from designing and My flash designing has got a bit better since I first used it on here. I'm going to use lots of flash on the site, probably redesign some of the pages, which I have already started doing. Anyway, have a look at the pages on here, sign the guest book ''Please'' And have a good time prisoner fans.

This website was made by Danny K. From West Yorkshire. England. United Kingdom. Thank you for visiting my site and giving it as many hits as I have had so far.

My original pcbh website before I moved it to here was at the url below. (This link no longer works.)

If you would like to link my website to your own, then please feel free to use the banner below, then email me your banner or notify me of where I can find it, and I will place yours in my links page.
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This website has been featured  in The Uk's best selling internet magazine 'Web User'. It was featured as 1 out of 10's Tv Terrors. Even though prisoner gets dissed a lot, Its still got a good review, and fills a whole page. It was on page 42 of Issue 29. The page can be viewed on the magazine article page.
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PCBH By Dan is also a supporter of the PCBH Campaign 2004

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