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About Winamp

Winamp is a well known audio player, capable of playing wav, mp3 & midi files. Winamp can do much more than just play your songs though, like write wav files so you can burn them to a cd or you can change how your songs sound by either using the presets to add a bit of bass or treble etc or you can edit how it sounds manually by using the equalizer. If you do not have the program and want to download some skins you can find it at Download any 2.X version.

Please read the below:

All the winamp skins on this page have been designed by myself. This is the first time I have attempted to skin winamp so my skins aren't as good as some you may find on the net (not of pris). This website is currently the only prisoner fan site which has prisoner winamp skins available. I have used all of these skins myself to ensure there are no problems. The skins worked totally fine with me, but if you encounter a problem try deleting your skins from the directory 'Program Files/Winamp/Skins' and then re-downloading them again.

Installing Info:

Installing a skin couldn't be any easier. It is so easy because just by opening the file it installs without any more effort and only takes a second. The program then opens with your skin applied. If you have downloaded multiple skins use the tiny icon in the top left corner of the application and choose your skin from the skin list. Easy!


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