Here you will find information about some of Prisoner characters that have been seen in Neighbours & Home & Away. 'Life after prisoner'

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Most of the below sightings are only on my website. Some may appear on other sites with just their character names but not with the info I have added along with them. (E.g. Wentworth Web) The info below (and on the Reb & Julie pages) is written by me, by my own knowledge and not gathered from any other prisoner fan sites. Thanks to someone emailing me reminding me of a few of these people below.

Lou Kelly (Louise Siversen) from prisoner was seen in Neighbours, (a one off character) playing the part of a Lawyer in the case of Who will get Custody of John Allen's Biological daughter 'Louise', Lou Carpenter's  Daughter too but not Biological Obviously. 11th Jan. 2002. In Prisoner Louise played Lou Kelly, she arrived at Wentworth for armed robbery but whilst she was there she committed murder and much more. She finally left prisoner by getting her comeuppance by being murdered her self.

Marie Winter (Maggie Millar) from prisoner is currently in Neighbours playing the part of a woman called Rosie Hoyland. Rosie came into Neighbours as a friend of Harold's through the Salvation Army. Harold is has become very fond of Rosie, but he's jealous of Lou's closeness to her. In Prisoner Maggie played Marie Winter, brought to Wentworth on the charge of Murder. Marie wasn't well liked and was one of Bea's biggest Enemies. Marie was first shown when Bea was transferred to Barnhurst, Marie was a big druggie and the top dog there. Which was bound to cause trouble. Later she made a tremendous escape using a helIcopter but was later recaptured and taken to Blackmoore.

Meg Morris (Elspeth Ballantyne) from prisoner played the part of a woman called Cathy Alessi.(I don't know anymore about her part in Neighbours sorry). In Prisoner Elspeth played one of the good warders, Meg Jackson, later Meg Morris. Whilst she was in Wentworth she got mixed up in Riots, her husband was killed by Chrissie Lathem.

Helen Smart (Caroline Gillmer) from prisoner arrived in Neighbours as a woman called Cheryl Stark she soon met Lou Carpenter. Her and Lou both had a child together called Louise and finally married but it ended by her being run over. In prisoner Caroline played Helen Smart, a regular inmate at Wentworth. She was mostly arrested for Soliciting.

Ted Douglas (Ian Smith) from prisoner currently plays the part of Harold Bishop, a member of the Salvation Army. A while ago Harolds wife Madge died, but he's recently met someone that's special to him (Read Marie Winter). In Prisoner Ian played Ted Douglas who worked for the prison department. He quite often visited the prison early on and got on quite well with Erica Davidson.

Ken Pearce (Tom Oliver) from prisoner currently plays the part of Lou Carpenter. A while ago Lou found out that his daughter Louise, to Cheryl (Caroline Gillmer) wasn't really his biological daughter. At the moment he's becoming close to Rosie (Maggie Millar). In Prisoner Tom played Ken Pierce who was an ex crim brought to wentworth to help the inmates perform plays. Whilst he was at Wentworth he became very close to Bea but had to leave once the screws found out.

Jenny Armstrong (Sally Cooper) plays Maggie Hancock in Neigbours. A law student working with Toady. Recently Toady told her that he had feelings for her and she became very shocked. She's also a mother of two. In prisoner Sally arrived covered in Blood. On her way to Wentworth for not paying her Parking fines she was battered by a crazy woman called Georgie Baxter in the back of the prison van which brought Evelyn Randall as well, the herbalist that thought she could heal the sick.

Alice Hemmings (Anne Haddy) played Helen Daniels. Anne was one of Neighbours longest running characters. Later died peacefully leaving the show. Anne  died in real life in June of 1999 at the age of 69. In prisoner Anne played the short part of Doreen Anderson's long lost mother. Erica Davidson was given a list of women that the Salvation Army were looking for and Doreen's name was on the list, as her mother Alice was looking for her because she was dying. Soon after Alice died & left Doreen her house and some money in Her will. During the tunnel escape Doreen taught Helen Smart to fugue her signature to draw her money out of her bank account to help Judy Bryant escape.

Geoff Butler/Ernest Craven (Ray Meagher) plays Alf Stewart in Home & Away and has done for around 13 years. In Prisoner Ray played the part of Geoff Butler, an old mate of Jim Fletchers. A crazed man known for beating the crap out of inocent people. He gets involved with Meg and try's to beat her up. Later Geoff pals up with someone that wants to get Jim for seeing his wife, goes even more crazier and they both plan to get Fletch back although the other guy doesn't know the half of it. Geoff's plan was to kill Fletcher with a Bomb, but It goes wrong and he kills Jim's wife and kids instead. The other role that Ray played in Prisoner was Ernest Craven the Governor of Blackmoore Prison. He wasn't at all nice to the Prisoners, infact he had Bongo Connors killed which started off a Riot whilst his sister Rita was there. The Riot burned down the whole of Blackmoore bringing   and male prisoners to Wentworth. Craven Tried to Kill Connors whilst he was there too.

I do know there are other Characters like Judy Nunn - Joyce Martin (Ailsa Stewart), Maggie Kirkpatrick - Joan Ferguson (Aunty Jean ), Fiona Spence - Vera Bennett (Celia Stewart) and many more that have appeared in Home & Away and Neighbours, but these are the one's I have chosen to show.


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