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Thursday The 30th Of January 2003

Today i spent ages trying to get the love theme from prisoner, from the original on the inside vinyl, onto a tape and then onto my mac. This proved quite difficult afterwards as I'm unsure about converting aif to mp3...Will add better quality mp3 when I figure it out.

Wednesday The 29th Of January 2003

Added two more video clips to the new page.

Monday The 27th Of January 2003

Created a new entrance for the site which loads a lot quicker than the older one. and added the first new video clip to a new replacement video clip page.

November - December 2002

Odd updates. - Banner added to links page.

Sunday The 27th Of October 2002

New screensaver added.

Sunday The 22nd Of September 2002

Made a better pre-loader for the flash entrance to the site, and also changed its background colour. Haven't yet started doing the video's as I've been busy. I'll try get them done as soon as I can.

Monday The 9th Of September 2002

Changed the links page around a bit. Now loads a bit faster than before.

Sunday The 8th Of September 2002

Added a link to Craig's prisoner website.

Sunday The 1st Of September 2002

Finished doing what I was doing with the homepage.

Saturday The 31st Of August 2002

Had a fiddle around with the homepage. Taken adds off the top of each page and changed to pop-ups instead, to stop these from annoying you just keep em' minimized.

Friday The 30th Of August 2002

Added a new screensaver.

Thursday The 29th Of August 2002

Added a new screensaver.

Friday The 26th Of July 2002

Added a Bon Jovi banner to my welcome page very early this morning. Please click the link there!

Tuesday The 23rd Of July 2002

Changed the whole of the Vera Bennett page, I felt the old one was very poorly designed as I was in a rush to finish that page last time. It now looks better & the pictures should load up a lot faster too. If I get time I will be making some more skins in the near future.

Wednesday The 3rd Of July 2002

Added the Official PCBH Campaign 2002 Banner to the homepage.

Tuesday The 21st Of May 2002

Recently one of my mates popped an idea into my head involving prisoner trivia. I got a copy of a quiz from the same mate and took most of the questions from it and added them to the new page. I've changed some of the questions slightly, and taken a few out which involved pictures. I haven't taken the questions from anyone else's website don't worry. The questions aren't a competition.

Wednesday The 15th Of May 2002

Nothing much, just changed a few colours on the Bea and Joan page. Also added a submission thing to the links page so if anyone wants their prisoner website, or a website that is willing to advertise my site on theirs. Just submit the form and I'Il add your banner. Just as long as the site you are advertising my site on doesn't have anything bad on like Porno stuff.

Sunday The 12th Of May 2002

Carrying on I've added another skin to the winamp page.

Saturday The 11th Of May 2002

I've spent the last few hours watching episodes from my collection to recap on a few characters that I wanted to add to my sightings list and wasn't sure of their full name. Using the rest of my knowledge I added a few people to the page including pictures and info.  Added a new page called 'winamp skins'. I checked around all the prisoner fan sites I could find and I couldn't find any winamp skins. So I decided to make another type of skin which will be exclusive to my site like the Hotbar skins are. So if another fan site does she same, remember. You saw them here first! There is only one skin on the page right now... There are now 8 winamp skins. I have spent all my spare time during today making them.

Friday The 10th Of May 2002

Added flash to wallpaper page & screensaver page so the new stuff are downloadable.

Thursday The 9th Of May 2002

Uploaded new wallpaper and screensavers.

Thursday The 2nd Of May 2002

Wallpaper page has been remade, I'll be uploading the two audio's from the theme tune page in a few moments so they'll also be back online today. Both audios are now online again.

Wednesday The 1st Of May 2002

Wallpaper page is talking longer to make than expected, But it is being made, I haven't forgot.  I've uploaded all of the video clips and remade the whole of the video clips page so that page is fully functional again. All of the mug shot links are working now thanks to someone emailing me to let me know :-)

Monday The 29th Of April 2002

Rebuilding wallpaper page & video clip page. All wallpapers, video clips and audio are not available until I have finished, the wallpaper page should be done by tonight. All screensavers are still available. 

Friday The 12th Of April 2002

Guest book has been deleted due to a sad B* leaving stupid stuff in the guestbook.

Friday The 5th Of April 2002

2 screensavers uploaded. Screensaver 7 & 8, 7 includes mug shot photos, and 8 is just fonts with effects. Next there will be a screen saver with the prisoner theme tune, but I'm not quite sure what to add to it so it might not be online tonight, maybe tomorrow?

Thursday The 4th Of April 2002

I realize that both the new screensavers have a computer game theme to them lol. Bugger!. I'll change them right now...Uploaded new versions of savers 5 and 6, no music included this time, BUT, I have exceeded my bandwidth on the site which holds my prisoner savers, I have only exceeded it once so prisoner screensavers and songs on the about me page will be offline for approximately 2 hours. So, downloads will be back online at 07:00 GMT. I must have had quite a few people besides my brother downloading stuff this morning. Good in a way that my downloads must be popular, but bad in a way for you when my downloads are put offline, not to worry they'll be back on soon :-)

Wednesday The 3rd Of April 2002

A wallpaper of Lizzie and a wallpaper of Joan helping Bea after the fire has been added to the wallpaper page...Freed up around 10MB by deleting unnecessary files on my site like old banners and flash stuff that I replayed with better ones.

Tuesday The 2nd Of April 2002

My website has now been online for one whole year. No more news on the buying more web space yet. Also I'm waiting for approval to join the OTI PCBH SITE RING. Fingers crossed that I'm accepted...Been accepted and I'm now a member of the on the inside pcbh site ring...New wallpaper added especially for today's date and a wallpaper featuring Kay White. To free up some web space I'm going to have to delete some files :-(, I doubt many people have downloaded the Lou Bega mambo no 5 prisoner remix, so I'll delete that off here, that'll free a tiny bit. If i ever do buy some more web space, I will add it back on or I might try something else?...Well I have kept the Lou Bega song on the site, and removed the screen savers from this site, to another site, using direct links to download them. Added another wallpaper which has started a new wallpaper section '31-40' and I've also added the 2 screensavers I made on the 27th of March have been added now too. What a great way to celebrate today with 3 wallpapers and 2 screensavers.

Wednesday The 27th Of March 2002

2 more screensavers to come today maybe, they have been made. BUT! I am quickly running out of website space. I only have about 5MB left to fill. According to my stats. I get around 60 visitors a day, which is rather a lot compared to some prisoner websites I think. I'm going to look into purchasing more space, if I do so, there will be no banner adds at the top of each page anymore. Except for the pop-ups which you will get if you use my 'cjb.net' URL. If I do purchase more space, and you don't want any pop-ups either. Then simply visit my site using its full URL https://www.angelfire.com/tv2/PCBH/welcomepage.html

Sunday The 24th Of March 2002

Another screensaver added today too, another one to come today hopefully...

Saturday The 23rd Of March 2002

Screensaver made and designed tonight.

Friday The 22nd Of March 2002

Added another yahoo skin. I'm going to be adding another tune to the about me page as soon as I can too. Maybe a Queen one cos Queen are wicked.

Sunday The 17th Of March 2002

1 yahoo skin and screensaver added today.

Saturday The 16th Of March 2002

Today I added a Flash screensaver page to the website, and to make it so the page wasn't blank, there's also 1 screensaver in there. Also updated all the links on every page to add the screen saver page link.

Friday The 15th Of March 2002

Found a tad bit of spare time and have made and added a new yahoo skin to the website. I have also added a bit more movement to the flash on the welcome page. For some people with a slow connection, the entrance movie may jump or freeze, so I have added a skip intro button that appears as soon as the flash does.

Thursday The 7th Of March 2002

Finally had time to upload this month's, non prisoner tune. Ozzy's, bark at the moon.

Tuesday The 26th Of February 2002

Sorry, I haven't had enough time to upload the tune I was going to at the weekend. Hopefully I will be able to upload it this coming weekend. My apologies..

Friday The 22nd Of February 2002

I'll be uploading a tune sometime during tomorrow *to the about me page like last time of course. I don't know which tune it'll be yet, as I've 100's to choose from. Anyway, check back tomorrow for the update...

Monday The 18th Of February 2002

From today, anyone that emails me use this address 'mail@prisonercellblockh.cjb.net' Do not use the other address that I used to have. Thanks!

Friday The 8th Of February 2002

Another two wallpapers have just been added.

Thursday The 7th Of February 2002

I added a new wallpaper, this took me a while to make but I was pleased with everything but the outline of the font quality. It was the best I could get it anyways. I'm In the process of designing other wallpapers, and I might do some more Hot-bar & Yahoo! skins too. The stuff I make should be on Today, If not, Tomorrow. I'll try and update with contents as much as I can, as When I've updated It has been to change pages around...Stay tuned.. I've added a web pole to see what you guests think about the design of my site. Please use it.

I've managed to edit the first wallpaper I did, and the font now looks better, I have also added another wallpaper and 2 hot-bar skins. So 2 wallpapers and a 2 Hot-bar skins so far....

April Will be arriving In a few months. To celebrate the website being open and updating for a year I would like to do something special for the site. I have no idea's of what, So if there's anything you would like to see on here for April. Let me know! I'm In the process of Making another wallpaper right now, which Will be on here later tonight or early tomorrow..

More updates! I've updated the about me page, created another page and uploaded a song. At the bottom of the about me page you'll be able to download tunes which I will upload monthly or maybe before. There will be 4-5 songs In total as I only have a Max of 20mb on that page. I may create another site to add on here so I can link more songs. You can download them from the about me page or via this website. Please email me if you Like this idea as I will know as to carry on uploading songs...

Sunday The 20th Of January 2002

I added a bad language warning to both homepage and gust book. I will not have bad language submitted in there. Unfortunately that post will have to stay there, but if it happens again, I will close it.

I have also updated the video page, that took me around 4 hours to put all my clips into zip's, upload them and then change nearly all of the page into flash. The pictures load a lot quicker now. No more waiting around. I think that's all I needed to do. There maybe more pages that I'll update, I'm not quite sure yet. Also, I had a few emails saying the Clips were not downloading. I checked them all, and there were a few that weren't working for some reason. I've checked them all once more now there in flash format and they downloaded fine. If anyone has any further problems, let me know.

Saturday The 19th Of January 2002

Check out the new look of the wallpaper page. All updated to flash so the images load a lot quicker than they did before. I may do the hot bar skins page as well!

Well, I did the hot bar page too. I've been very busy doing them, Now both the wallpaper's and the hot bar skins load up a lot quicker than they did before. Not sure what to change now, maybe the video page... The picture pages are fine, I spent also a lot of time doing those.

Friday The 18th Of January 2002

Hi everyone. I'm stuck for ideas for extra pages to add on here. If anyone has any ideas, that no other prisoner site has, e.g. Hotbar skins etc. Then please contact me and I'll do me best. No updates really for a while, sorry about that. Once I know what I'm going to do next on here, there will be tons of updates I assure you. I'm thinking of doing Episode Guides. As I watch my Video's I will do a brief Guide to a selection, Like a guide to Episodes 100-110. 

Extra Prisoner Information: Fancy taking a flying visit to the Wentworth Detention Centre? Tour some of the places viewed in the programme? Meet around 15 Actors from Prisoner, Most likely Including Queen Bea (My Favorite!). Well the 2002 'Flight of fantasy' is going to take place The plane will depart Heathrow airport on the 23rd of Feb, and returning on the 9th of March. 11 Nights stay in Melbourne. If you are under the age of 18 (like me) You need an adult with you. The cost is 1,500,00 Per Person A 300 deposit is also needed. To find out more information about this, visit http://www.prisonercellblockh.tv/ Unfortunately I won't be going as I can't afford that :'-( 

If there's anyone out there reading this, that is going to this and is willing to do me a favor, I will pay cash for Photo's of the visit not including pictures with other's than the Actors, and I will also pay for the P&P.

Friday The 11th Of January 2002

Sighting! 'Lou Kelly' from prisoner was seen today in Neighbors, playing the part of a Lawyer in the case of Who will get Custody of John Allen's Biological daughter 'Louise', Lou Carpenter's  Daughter too but not Biological Obviously.

Tuesday The 1st Of January 2002

Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas and also has a Happy New Year too. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll try my best to update a bit more often. I've just added a new flash welcome page though. 

Monday The 3rd Of December 2001

Added a new guest book, lost all other entry's in the old book. Please resign the new one, please...

Thursday 29th Of November 2001

I've had to add 2 messages, One to the homepage and another to the contact page.

Wednesday The 21st Of November 2001

The Unreal Tournament website is coming along great everyone. If you are interested in my flash designs. Check this site out, there is no html, java scripts. Nothing but FLASH!. www.ldd.cjb.net The site is undergoing a lot of construction work, and won't be totally finished for a few days at the least. Please let me know what you think of my design via email. Also, once my mate has an email address for the website, I'll let you know it. And you could send comments etc on his great expertise in games. He's only new at the editing of unreal tournament, but he sure is learning fast. Just like I did with the flash, he's also a lot like me, and takes his efforts, and his programs to there highest ability. I have Added the link to my new website on the about me page.

Saturday The 17th Of November 2001

A new audio download has been added to the theme tune page. I'm hoping to find some more audio's to place on the page soon. That's if I can find any that aren't already on other prisoner fan sites.

Half way through today... I am now going to be spending a little of my free time helping a mate out with his new website. This is a download site for a PC game called 'Unreal Tournament'. I've been designing the flash parts of his site. Please check the site out here Homepage. New Levels and such haven't yet been added to the site, but they will be shortly. Even though I'm doing work on another website, I'll still be spending the same amount of time as I always have done, updating this site. I have a few new ideas for the website which Should come into action sometime in either December Or January. I also have another idea for the site which (if) I can get enough money I'll be able to start doing. This might not happen, but then again, it might. I'm planning on adding a couple of Full Prisoner episodes to the site if possible. If that isn't possible, then just some more video clips. E.g. Frankies Death etc, Fingers crossed that my plans will be possible. If anyone has any ideas for new pages for my site, that are not already on other prisoner fan sites. Please get in touch, I would be happy to hear your suggestions. 

Friday The 9th Of November 2001

Added a new wallpaper to the wallpaper page, with some nice text on. Maybe adding a new yahoo skin too in a while...

Wednesday The 7th Of November 2001

Just added a new site logo on the welcome page, Got fed up of the old one.

Sunday The 4th Of November 2001

This morning I have added a new page for my yahoo skins. I said there was only going to be one skin, I'll be added some more Skins shortly. 

Wednesday The 31st Of October 2001

Added a new link on the links page, a link to a download site to my favorite ever game, The Sims. Today I have also just added some pictures of my new prisoner skin for yahoo messenger. Go to the hotpage skins page to view them.

Tuesday The 30th Of October 2001

I hadn't noticed, but the last time I updated the webring page, I must have deleted the deleted the webring code off the page, this deleted the ring links. Sorry!. Its back on now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday The 17th Of October 2001

Tonight, I decided to make my self a prisoner yahoo! messenger skin. Then decided I would share it with the world of prisoner fans. So its at the bottom of the hotbar skins page, ready to be downloaded. Please tell me what you think of it! I haven't made a yahoo! skin page, because that skin will probably be the only one I will make. Information on how to install skins has been posted on the same page.

Tuesday The 16th Of October 2001

The 'Webring' Is no longer a part of Yahoo!. All prisoner website owners that are linked with the pcbh webring must request there site to be placed onto the new Servers. This doesn't happen automatically, so you must do it manually. Reload this site, and read more about it on the welcome page whilst its on there. I'll take the notice off once all the sites are back onto the new ring. There is only my website that is linked to the new servers at the moment.

Sunday The 14th Of October 2001

I have changed the new flash effect yet again (bottom of home page) the one before jumped alot, so I decided to make another one. This one doesn't jump.

Thursday The 11th Of October 2001 (A month ago from this day, America was attacked)

Added a new flash effect at the bottom of the home page, in replacement for the one that said the site had re-opened from when my website host was messed up.

Wednesday The 10th Of October 2001

I Haven't updated in rather along time, I've been busy with college and having a cold recently. I added a message status at the bottom of the site a while ago, but i realized today that it doesn't all fit on there, so I changed it, now it should be ok. Also added a tiny message from me on the guest book page.

Sunday The 23rd Of September 2001

I have just added 6 flash text effects at the top of each picture page, I thought I would add flash on them instead of the boring white title. These are the only updates for now, maybe some more if I see something which I want to change.

Wednesday The 19th Of September 2001

I may still be updating the site in the next few days/weeks, it depends how things do with this worm virus that's going around the net. People are warned about sending emails and coming onto the net as because this is a way of spreading it. I have added a new site entrance logo to the welcome page too.

Monday The 17th Of September 2001

I haven't done much updating in the last couple of days, so tonight I will try my best to get a few more pictures up before I go to bed, I will add them to picture page 6, once that page has been filled, I will start on a new page but That may be a few weeks or longer before the page is filled.....Right, I've added 12 new pictures to page 6. No more pictures tonight but maybe some more tomorrow night.

Wednesday The 12th Of September 2001

A couple more pictures have been added to picture page 6 now. This weekend i'm going to find out exactly how much something is that will make it so I can provide screenshots and Video clips, If I do get this! I have episodes 1-52 on tape so far, so you can all expect a clip of Franky's death on here. That's only if I can get my pc upgraded. Hopefully I will be able to. I have college again on Friday so I may be able to get some more pictures up either tonight or tomorrow night. Probably most likely tonight because I'll be going to sleep early tomorrow night.

Tuesday The 11th Of September 2001 (America Was Attacked)

No updates today.

Monday The 10th Of September 2001

Today I have made a new page, 'picture page 6' and added some pictures to the last episode page. I have college in the morning so I have to get some sleep now, more pictures will be added tomorrow.

Sunday The 9th Of September 2001

This morning there has been loads of new pages and stuff added to the site. I've added a page where you can download some of my hotbar skins, a page where you can download hotbar and help on how to install the skins, and a page where you can download the new Internet Explorer 6 and the latest flash player to view content on the site. More hotbar skins will be added very soon. PLEASE sign the guestbook and tell me what you think of the skins. Thanks if you all will.

Saturday The 8th Of September 2001

I have added a little bit of writing to the help page of what I would like some help with. Please read the help page and see if you could help me out.....The time is 2:10am and I'm crazy for spending so much time on here, I have just updated the 'about me' page, there is now loads of info about what music I'm into and stuff, go check it out! Now going to bed...........Now evening, I've just completed a page where you can download the flash plug-in and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. You can only access this page by the welcome page before you enter the website. I have also added some links to the links page and changed a few colour's on the wallpaper page.

Friday The 7th Of September 2001

The time is 3:36am and I have just finished making the main page for 'sightings' and I have also made 2 pages linked with it. Links to the sightings page have been added on every page, if you see a page that hasn't yet got that link on please email me to let me know. I have been on the go with the site since around 6pm yesterday, now I'm knackered and I'm off to bed! I'll be making more pages to ad on to the sightings page later tonight when I come back online. Goodnight everyone!

Thursday The 6th Of September 2001

Since the 27th of August I have had more problems with getting onto the site to update. Today I managed to access the site which  is great. Unfortunately I haven't yet had any wallpapers sent to me. It's ok thought because I can still make more for people to download instead which is probably best. I'll be making a few more wallpapers tonight, Once I have started college and everything in a few weeks, I will have a bit of cash, so with that I am wanting to upgrade by pc so its possible to make some screen shots from my prisoner episodes that I have got, maybe some more video clips if I can. I'll post a message on here when/if I do upgrade the pc.....I've now made 3 new wallpapers which I've uploaded to the site, wallpapers 21-23. If I have chance, there will be the full lot from 21-30 available to download by the end of tonight and I will zip all of those files up so everyone can download all of them at once if they wish to do so. Once I have completed my page of wallpapers (Which Could be anytime depending on the pictures that I can get hold of) I will zip all the zip files up so you all can download every wallpaper on the page all at once, this will take some time to download depending on what type of connection you have. If it takes too long to upload then I won't bother zipping all the zip files into 1. Also! Thanks for all the emails I've received from people regarding the flash and stuff of my website......The time is now 11:48pm and I just noticed whilst I was checking the site looked ok that I had missed the link to Mug Shots page on a few pages, so there now updated.

Monday The 27th Of August 2001

This morning (early hours) I have added another 8 Wallpapers, there are now 18 wallpapers on that page. Probably some more to come if I have time. I am thinking about asking for visitor wallpapers, that will be emailed to me and then placed on a separate page. If I get any wallpapers sent to me, then I will put them or the best ones on the user wallpapers page when it's ready...The hours have now gone on (Still early hours 4am) There are now 20 Wallpapers on the page and now I'm going to bed....Its now night time again, (9:30pm), I have just changed nearly every page on this site because I noticed that there wasn't a link to picture page 5 on every page.

Sunday The 26th Of August 2001

Made a new page (wallpapers) I have made 10 wallpapers for you to choose from so far, (maybe more soon?) Please tell me what you think of them. A lot of time has gone into the content on that page.

Friday The 24th & Saturday 25th Of August 2001

I have re-uploaded the prisoner theme on the theme tune page, and changed the link to the download. It should now download properly. If anyone has any problems downloading it still, please email me. I have also done lots of changes to nearly every page on the site by changing background colours, adding more text and adding flash headers. Now as you will all have noticed, normally to get back to the homepage you have to keep clicking back, well now there is a link back here on every single page so its a lot easier. I've made a new entrance banner and changed some of the banners on this page too, e.g.: the cool text effects at the top and bottom of the homepage. I have also started work on this page.

If you notice that I've missed a page with the homepage button or the news page link on, please email me and tell me.

June - August

As you all know, my website host has been having problems with there servers and stuff so I haven't been able to update for all this time :( I thought the site would never be updated ever again, which was very annoying after all the hours and hours I have put into the site.

April - May

Re-built website to a better website host, which is Angelfire, and also re-designed the look of the site a few times.

Monday The 2nd Of April 2001

Website was opened with pre built layered pages which I thought looked good at first, until I gained more experience with designing websites and then I decided I could do better.