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Jackie Woodburne 


Jackie played Julie Eggbert also known as Chookie.


Jackie takes the role of Susan Kennedy a mother of 3 children, Elizabeth (Libby), Malcolm (Mal) and William (Bill/Billy). She's married to Karl and is also Erinsborough High's principal.

Other Television Appearances:

Jackie completed a three year drama course at the National Theatre in Melbourne. Her television credits include: Words Fail Me, Outbreak Of Love, Patchwork Hero, Skyways, Cop Shop, Sarah Dane, Young Doctors, 1915, Learned Friends, A Country Practice, Kings, Carson's Law, Saturday Saturday, Special Squad, Fast Lane, Blinky Bill, Prisoner, The Flying Doctors, GP and Law Of The Land and her theatre experience extends from Translations, The Barretts Of Wimpole Street (United Kingdom) to Rookery Nook and Sailor Beware.

Contact Jackie:

If you would like to email Jackie then go to www.neighbours.com.










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