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In 1989, ABC aired the first episode of a western based upon the adventurous life of Pony Express riders called "The Young Riders." With their good looks and adventurous spirits, Kid, Jimmy, Noah, Buck, Ike, Cody, and Lou along with Teaspoon, Rachel, Emma, and Sam worked their ways into our hearts and minds each week.  Since its cancellation in 1992, "The Young Riders'" popularity has grown by leaps and bounds through countless fan-based websites.

Throughout history, taverns and saloons have played a vital role in promoting socialization and communication with one's neighbors as well as the usual drinking and carousing.  They were places of history and warmth where much business was transacted alongside those patrons longing for a chance to drown their sorrows or relax after a hard day's work.  The Hitching Post is named after a little seedy bar--with a lot of atmosphere and history, mind you-- in a small town in western Pennsylvania (where I live).  This page is primarily dedicated to the fan-based writings, written by myself and others as well, that have popped up in the wake of the The Young Riders' Internet popularity.  Keeping this in mind, hitch your horse outside and come on in.  Have a meal, drink a glass of your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, tell a tale, or have a looksee on me!

 It is with great sorrow that I add my voice to those of other TYR fans in expressing my condolences to Christopher Pettiet's family and friends on the occasion of his passing from this life.  His talent and potential will be sorely missed by us all.  Shalom aleichem, Chris.
Stop by Kathleen's Riders Coming! site for more details surrounding Chris' tragic death and to see the memoriam to his life.


12-26-02: I know, I know! It's been months since I updated...and no, I have not died or been captured by some psychotic client. I've moved across country, switched jobs, gained a baby sister and all sorts of other fun RL things. Thanks you everyone who's dilligently hounded me to update and fix things here. No updates on my fic right now, but I am making a concentrated effort to finish GFY. I did, however fix links to chapters in Riding out the Storm (hopefully!) and transfer a couple completed stories to the Myths and Legends section here. So, don't worry if you can't find something. just look around. And please keep telling me if something doesn't work. I'll get it fixed ASAP!!


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Calling all authors or anyone who likes to write about TYR!!  The Hitching Post has been inundated with stories about Kid and Lou, which, as an avid fan, I love.  :0)  However, I'm in dire need of stories about the other riders.  That doesn't mean that you K&L fans can stop writing or submitting here!  Lord knows I won't, but I long for variety.  So, please, all you fans of Jimmy, Buck, Ike, Cody, Noah, Jesse, Teaspoon, Sam, Emma, and Rachel, know that you're welcome here any ol' time!!

Terri's horsies Rose (the red filly) and Eutychus (the brown colt).  Ain't they sweet?


 Disclaimer:  Neither I nor anyone associated with this page claims ownership of The Young Riders which was the brainchild of Ed Spielman and belongs to Ogiens/Kane Productions.  This is an unofficial, not-for-profit, fan-based website.  No one is making any money from this.  All graphics are used with permission and all submissions are the property of the author.  Also, the views, thoughts, actions, and moral decisions of the characters within these works do not necessarily reflect those of either the authors or the webmistress.

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