"Don't Shoot the Musicians...."
"...they're doing the best they can." -- Seen on saloon musician's sign during the Lincoln County War, Lincoln County, NM.
I love this quote!  Music is such an important part of the human experience and a big part of television and movies.  It's the music that completes the entertainment experience.  The background music is what moves the soul and inspires the emotions we feel as we watch our favorite movie or episode of TYR.  Many times a certain song or CD has provided the inspiration a fanfic author such as myself needs to get that last chapter done.  This section is a unique oppotunity for all you patrons here at the Hitching Post.  What song would you have used in a particular episode of TYR?  What songs and/or artists's music makes you think about TYR?  Authors, what music has inspired a story or helped you get through those tough chapters?  You can do one of a couple things for this section:  you can send the title, lyrics and performer of a certain song that inspired you or inspired thoughts of a TYR-ish nature, or you can drop me a line containing your entry (this works especially if you have like a whole CD in mind) and an explanation of where and when you'd use it or how it has inspired you.
    Both my stories "Judgement Day" and "Keeping Watch" were inspired by Songs by the same titles, the lyrics of which are posted at the end of each story.  While writing, I often listen to the soundtracks to Ken Burns' "The Civil War," "Conan the Barbarian" (don't ask.  It's a long story), and "Legends of the Fall.."  These CDs, with their simple melodies as well as grand, epic themes just remind me of some of the timelessness of TYR.  Like the series itself, these soundtracks are both introspective, individual personalities as well as expressions of grand truths.
"Seven Spanish Angels" --sung by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles
"Virginia" --sung by , from The Civil War: Nashville Sessions
"Judgement Day" --sung by Shiloh, from The Civil War: Nashville Sessions
"Keeping Watch" --sung by Margaret Becker, from Soul
"Rodeo" --sung by Garth Brooks
"Fever" --sung by Garth Brooks
 "Free" --sung by Steven Curtis Chapman, from Signs of Life
"Missing You" --sung by Monogamous Fish, from Life
"Ashkokan Farewell" --from the soundtrack to Ken Burns' "The Civil War"
"Funeral Pyre" --by Basil Pouledouris, from the soundtrack to "Conan the Barbarian"
Dana Smith:
Ken Burns' Civil War soundtrack (like you!)
The Man From Snowy River soundtrack - music by Bruce Rowland
Music From Lonesome Dove - The Soundtrack Album - music by Basil Poledouris
"The Great Adventure" - music and lyrics by Steven Curtis Chapman
"Guardian Angel" - music and lyrics by Naomi Judd, John Jarvis, and Don Schlitz
"The Place Where Dreams Come True" from Field of Dreams soundtrack - music by James Horner
I've heard that the soundtrack from Braveheart is good, too, but darned if I can get my hands on the thing!
Lyrics' Page coming soon!!